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YouTube SEO Secrets Course – 2021 Beginner to Advanced Guide



Increase Your YouTube Views & Subscribers Fast, Without Any YouTube SEO Experience. Proven 2021 YouTube SEO Guide.


Proven 2021 Guide To Increase Your YouTube Views & Subscribers Through Youtube SEO

(This works even if if you’ve tried before & failed or have zero YouTube SEO or marketing experience!)

The fact is, most YouTube Creators have no idea how the YouTube search engine actually works.


They (falsely) believe that if they just keep pumping out quality content they will gain massive views & subscribers…someday.

This is completely false.

You can have the best content on the planet but if you don’t know how to properly optimize your videos in 2021 for the YouTube search engine you will spend hours of frustration creating content with absolutely nothing to show for it.

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Luckily for you, there’s a solution!


Let me introduce you to the YouTube SEO & Marketing Secrets Course.

In this course, you will gain…

  • 5 student-exclusive, downloadable YouTube SEO templates.
  • #1 YouTube keyword research tool to easily find high-demand, easy-to-rank keywords. (Lecture #18)
  • Proven YouTube title & description formulas to rank #1 on YouTube. (Lectures #31 – 32)
  • Secret YouTube link hack to gain more subscribers. (Lecture #14)
  • Hack your images like a pro for even more SEO juice. (Lectures #11 & #24)
  • So much more!

Now, what gives me (Sumner) a single ounce of credibility to teach you this topic?

Well, I am not only a successful YouTube SEO consultant but I’m also a Youtube Partner generating a full-time income from my very own YouTube channels and I’m here to help.

Don’t just take my word for it! Read some of the raving reviews of this course for yourself.


30 Day Money-Back Promise: If you aren’t satisfied with this course Udemy will refund your entire purchase amount within 30 days.

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You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Enroll now to learn the SEO secrets to skyrocket views & subscribers!

Who this course is for:

  • Brand-new YouTubers who want to learn the #1 way to use YouTube SEO to maximize YouTube views & subscribers in 2021. Sound like you? Enroll now!
  • YouTube creators with existing channels who want better results FAST. Sound like you? Enroll now!

What you’ll learn

  • 2021 Beginner to advanced YouTube SEO guide to SKYROCKET views & subscribers starting today.
  • 5 student-exclusive, downloadable templates.
  • #1 FREE YouTube keyword research tool to easily find high-demand, easy-to-rank keywords. (Lecture #18)
  • SECRET YouTube link hack to INSTANTLY gain more subscribers! (Lecture #14)
  • PROVEN YouTube title & description formulas to rank #1 on YouTube. (Lectures #31 – 32)
  • Simple video tweak to keep your audience from breaking up with you. (Lecture #39)
  • Hack your images like a pro for even more SEO juice! (Lectures #11 & 24)
  • 5 FREE & easy ways to drive even more YouTube traffic with YouTube marketing. (Lecture #44)
  • 4 little-known sites for 100% free music & stock video. (Lectures #28 -29)
  • YouTube Monetization – top 4 ways to monetize your YouTube channel. (Lecture #46)
  • Create a free, STUNNING YouTube banner with ZERO graphic design experience! (Lecture #10)
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