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Xiaomi users are facing issue of burnt Motherboards on the Mi 11



Just recently, various Xiaomi Mi 11 users have been complaining of an issue that has affected multiple customers. These complaints are regarding the motherboard of the new flagship model, which has apparently been burning out for certain people.

Xiaomi users are facing issue of burnt Motherboards on the Mi 11

According to an ITHome report, various Mi 11 users have been leaving comments regarding this issue on the company’s CEO Lei Jun’s official Weibo account, a Chinese microblogging website. In these comments, various people shared the same experience of the motherboards on their Mi 11 smartphones burning out. Unfortunately, the senior official has yet to respond to any of these comments at the moment.

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Furthermore, various users commented that their devices were running hot before the issue became worse and believe it might be an issue regarding the device’s heat dissipation system. Although, there has been no official statement given out by the Chinese tech giant as of right now. For those unaware, the Mi 11 is the company’s 2021 flagship model that saw robust sales in its home country of China, where its shipments cross one million in just 21 days.

Xiaomi users are facing issue of burnt Motherboards on the Mi 11

However, since then, various users have been complaining of various issues like high power consumption and lower battery life, along with the device running very hot at times. A few users added that playing video games for more than ten minutes makes their smartphones hotter than a hand warmer. So stay tuned for more, as we will be providing updates when additional information, fix, or even an official statement is given out by the company regarding this matter.


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