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Work From Home: The Amazon FBA MasterPlan



Build an online business fast and easily selling ridiculously simple products on Amazon.


“My Private MasterPlan Takes Selling Physical Products On Amazon Into An Entirely Different Dimension!”

  • Already Selling On Amazon? I’ll show you how to boost your rankings traffic and sales literally OVERNIGHT.
  • Not Selling on Amazon? I’ll show you how to quickly build a massively profitable Amazon business following a fine-tuned roadmap containing EVERYTHING you need to know!

Every last detail of building a huge physical product business on Amazon is covered… from product research… to supplier search and inventory ordering, marketing and promotion, packaging and premium branding… list building, external traffic sources and much much more…


Over the past 9 years, I’ve done dropshipping, Forex, MLM, Adsense, affiliate marketing, apps, selling Clickbank products (both as a vendor and affiliate), and that’s just a start.


You name it. I’ve likely done it.

I’ve had some big successes, such as:

  • Building two 6-figure/year health businesses selling products on Amazon.
  • One 7-figure per year software business.
  • 3 successful apps, two in the health market, one in the gaming market.

I even once bought a one-word dictionary .com domain name for $32,000 in cash and sold it 15 days later for $125,000 (making almost $100K in profit for doing NO work whatsoever).

Other good things have happened too.

So yes, some of my ventures have worked out well.


The journey, however, has not always been easy…

I’ve also had my fair share of disasters, some of which have been truly COLOSSAL.

For instance:

I wasted 2 years of my life (along with $150K cash) on a project that fell at the FINAL hurdle, when just before launching, Apple brought out an exact version of the app I was building, available for free and as default on iOS 7.



A few years back, I bought one word .com finance related domain name for $64,000, invested an additional $60K in development and SEO, spent 18 months getting onto the first page of Google US for the term ‘credit cards,’ did so successfully, started making around $1000 in commissions per day…

…and then BAM! Google’s Penguin update hit the site literally 7 days after I got there, obliterating the rankings and causing the business to die overnight.

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Ouch… (x 2)


I’ve had other disasters too, but the above are particularly depressing examples!

The point of me telling you all this is that due to the successes I’ve had, along with the (frankly unwanted) opportunities to learn from my failures, I have been able to develop a complete understanding of the following when it comes to making money online:

What NEVER works

What SOMETIMES works


What ALWAYS works

Most importantly, online business types and markets are realistic to compete in but are still scalable into 6, 7, or even 8 figure operations that would continue to be manageable working from home.

One of those business types is SELLING ON AMAZON.

…and I’m here to help you make selling on Amazon into a WHOLE New Dimension.


There are many courses out there on building Amazon businesses… some cheap, some hugely expensive, but this is different.

My Amazon MasterPlan contains ALL the information you need.

But… why should it matter to you?

Well, let me ask…

  • Are you already selling on Amazon?
  • or looking for a way to make a great living online?
  • or do you want to add a bow to an existing online business?
  • Maybe you have an eCommerce or dropshipping website?

If any of the above apply, my Amazon Masterplan MATTERS.

Not only does it consist of EVERYTHING you need to know about how to make money selling physical products on Amazon…

…it shows you how to capitalize on the exposure that Amazon can bring, enabling you to expand and build out into additional platforms quickly,

creating high value (and if you wish, sellable) brands, as well as multiple income streams …in a concise period of time.

And one thing I must add…


The great thing about Amazon is this:

The Traffic and Buyers Are ALREADY There.

You don’t need to grind to get them…

You need to get in front of them.


In other words…

X – You don’t need to do traditional SEO

X – You don’t need to do link building

– You don’t need to pay sky-high costs for Google ads


…and you don’t need that whole list of other time-consuming and frustrating stuff either.

There is, however, one important thing to remember….and this is relevant no matter what type of business you are in or want to pursue…

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The success (or failure) of any business is usually down to one thing: EXECUTION.

Take it from me…Good ideas and effort are NOT enough.


In my view, most people fail to make a living online, not because of lack of effort, but because they don’t know how to execute their plan properly. (which mostly tends to be unstructured, if there is a plan at all).

And even those who have done it all before and know how to run and scale a business STILL need a structured plan in place for their execution to be efficient, seamless, and successful.

And that is exactly what this course is…

It is the private Masterplan originally for MY use, *remastered* for YOUR use…


…with NOTHING left out.

It really is everything you need to know about making money on Amazon and beyond, condensed into detailed manuals and videos with zero-fluff, direct-to-the-point step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.

However, you genuinely have to be prepared…

It is BRUTALLY comprehensive and not for the faint-hearted.


It is a full-on A – Z, militarily precise course.

No waffle. No filler. No BS.

Even if you have no experience selling on Amazon, or indeed any experience doing anything at all online, that is A-ok.

…Because this course is so step-by-step and uber-focused, all you need to have is the ability to follow self-explanatory instructions.


Here are 7 reasons why you should download this course today:

1. You will get exclusive access to a complete PROVEN roadmap featuring fine-tuned instructions revealing how to make money selling physical products on Amazon with nothing left out.

2. Every selling stage on Amazon is covered… from product and niche research, marketing and promotion, supplier search and inventory ordering, packaging, premium branding, list building, external traffic sources, and much more.

3. If you already sell on Amazon, you can use this information to boost your rankings, traffic & sales overnight and expand into additional platforms to increase brand exposure and revenue.


4. If you have an e-commerce or dropshipping website, my Masterplan will show you how to sell on Amazon for an easy increase in traffic and profits.

5. This is a complete package, and all the training is included in the core Masterplan course.

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6. I include helpful spreadsheets, templates and will add additional training modules that will help you get more traffic, save more time and make more money.

7. You will get access to me if you have questions. My support is not outsourced…


Download My Course Today!!

Who this course is for:

  • Those looking for a PROVEN way to make money working from home. I will show you how to quickly build up a sustainable ‘worth doing’ business that generates consistent monthly income and is something you can be proud of and proud to tell your friends and family about.
  • Those who are already selling physical products on Amazon and want to boost their rankings, traffic, and sales literally overnight (there are some brilliant tricks and tips included for doing this) as well being able to expand out onto other platforms to increase brand presence, product exposure and revenue.
  • Those who have e-commerce or another type of online business and want to expand out into Amazon and these additional platforms to increase their revenue and profits.
  • This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. They do NOT exist. This is a REAL business model that is easy to set up and run, even with no prior experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Over 20 highly detailed manuals & 20 video tutorials with step-by-step “connect-the-dots” instructions.
  • Create multiple best-selling products on using my precise, proven “ZERO to HERO” methods.
  • Build a world-class premium product brand with real-world value quickly, easily, and without needing to spend any money.
  • Forge an empire from the comfort of your own home by thinking about and practicing online business in a radically new way.
  • This is MUCH easier and has CONSIDERABLY more financial potential than Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Ebay’ing, Adsense, MLM’s, and other types of online business models.

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  • You will need a willingness to focus, follow step-by-step instructions and change your life for the better by following this incredible, proven business model that many thousands of people around the world are currently using to make FOUR… FIVE… even SIX figures a month with.
  • An internet connection, basic web browsing ability, and Microsoft Excel or the Free “Open Office” version of Excel.
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