Why I Hate School So Much

“You need to go to school, get good grades, a good job and be successful. Education is the key”

“Getting a degree increases your chances of getting job, provides you with the opportunity to be successful”

I think I have heard these bull crap millions of times and I can’t but shake my head in disbelief whenever people lay so much importance to going to school. The whole system is highly flawed and the effects are evidently seen by the sort of graduates pushed forth into the labour market yearly. It’s a failed system. Why do I have to waste 18 years of my life within a system that has nothing to contribute to what lies ahead? Why do I have to lose so much money in school and end up being a slave as an employee? A lot of things doesn’t quite add up.

I’m not against education cause it is still the key to our future, I’m simply against this hideous institution called SCHOOL. I discovered something that really gave my mind a bug.. It completely altered my perception. Great men who made unique impact never went to school. They were total failures in school, but bosses in the real world.

Although it’s true that this program called school teaches you how to write an essay, stories.. Even how to do basic trig and algebra. But that doesn’t discard the fact that they teaches that which isn’t needed in the real world. Education is not about cramming loads of stale theories, memorizing lame arithmetic formulas. It’s more of learning real life application born right from the passion within. Sadly, school has failed to deliver on this.

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Here are few major reasons why I hate school so much.

• Force to learn – Education is about learning things you’re enthusiastic about without feeling bored or drained. In the four walls of school, reverse is the case. You’re forced to memorise things, answer questions and write crap about things you don’t care about. The most disheartening is that, you’ll probably won’t remember 90% of what you’ve been taught upon graduation. The subject of money is highly avoided and the latter scenario is usually disaster and depression.

• Suppresses independent thought – you’re wrong and the teacher is always right. You dare not disagree with the teacher if you must pass. Attempting to do something different is automatically wrong. It doesn’t allow the usage of your own thoughts and feelings, it only floods your brain with jargons. One of the most defining attribute of education is the ability to expose oneself to new things. However, it isn’t so.

• No useful skills – School doesn’t have a single skill to impact. Most people go through in life, acquiring experiences that broadens their own horizons and becoming more open minded through self education. Why millions on the other hands live within the captives of the classroom, studying inapplicable courses that prepares them to slavery.

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• Doesn’t prepare you for the future – Most individuals have huge dream of been terrific writers, programmers, entrepreneurs etc.. But the school will never gear you to that part rather, expect you to be confined within the offer of available courses. Why waste time in this system?

• Financial freedom not guaranteed – A system that focuses on making you an employee Is one that wants you caged within the ugly grasp of financial depression. Getting more certificates isn’t an escape route either.. Not even for a second.

• Life is too short – Why do I need to waste years of my life learning something that doesn’t pertain to my future career or life path? Why learn courses that will never be applied? School is one of the huge hindrance to entrepreneurship and self reliance. It gives you no time. It drains your precious time, bombarding you with assignments to perfectly invade your life without a breath of space.

I’m not saying that school is evil and there’s nothing to gain. I’m after stirring you into analyzing your motives and orientation about school. If you want to be an employee, then suit yourself. But if you want total freedom and control, then you have to redefine how you view education, understand its true meaning. What you need in life is hard work and education, not school.

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