What Is Hindering Entrepreneurship In Nigeria?

What’s hindering entrepreneurship in Nigeria

Ever since I began this journey, I have seen, heard and witness scenarios that prove that Nigeria is still far behind when it comes to breeding forth knowledgeable entrepreneurs who can resurrect the dying economy. The few entrepreneurs at the moment are working on their toes to make a change, but it’s like adding a cup of water to an ocean… This is what happens when our dear education system capitalizes more on producing employees than entrepreneurs.

I once made it known that I’m in the department of entrepreneurship, but you’ll be stunned to note that my lecturers and tutors are indirectly forcing us to join the wagon of employees, those that carry files only to end up being humiliated by a drop-out that calls himself a gateman.

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For me, I think the major hindrance to entrepreneurship is our educational system. Until they begin to teach financial education, until they begin to teach the concept of money, then we will keep having problems as individuals and as a nation. Allow me to throw this question to you, what do you think is the major hindrance to entrepreneurship? Is it fear? Failure? What is it? Share your opinion using the comment box. I want to hear from you.

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