7 Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria

1. Photography – This is popular and still one of the best ways to make money even as a student. There’s always a school registration that will always call for a passport, there are also numerous students who can’t go a day without taken a photograph. I know of a lot of students who are in this business today and are better of than most government workers. I’m not exaggerating here. It will even be more fun if you have a thing for graphics; that might even be a niche you’re yet to know. You can start saving for a camera.. You guardian, sponsor or parents might be able to help you out. They will be proud of you for having such a unique vision to be less dependent.
2. Note writing – There are many students within the university who aren’t fond of being up to date with their notes. Look within your department, they are countless. You can make it your business by writing for them and in return, they pay. Don’t expect to see an Ad for a writer cause you won’t see it. Approach them and make your proposal. This is very cheap.. In fact, the cheapest business you can start on campus. All you need is a pen and a readable handwriting and you’re good to go.
3. Wears and jeweries – on is the order of the day as far as campus life is concerned. Why not leverage into this and make yourself rich even as a student? You can come to class with women wears and within a jiffy, it’s  all sold. Or you can just get lots of amazing cheap footwear and see students buy them off before sunset. You can start this up with little capital of about N15,000, then later plough back your profits to expand. You have no excuse being broke while in school.
4. Typing business – Every semester, term papers, assignments and projects are usually given which are always required to be typed. Whenever such is given, you can start approaching them, or go through  the departmental course president  or representative, offering to do the service as professional and cheap as possible. Sale yourself out there and money won’t be a problem anymore. Imagine how much you can make. If you don’t have a compute system, you can partner with someone who has. You’ve no excuse.
5. Tutorial – Is there a course you’re very efficient at? Maybe it’s time to turn that efficiency into real money. Maybe you’re good with chemistry, mathematics, physics etc.. Do you know that you can organise tutorials for students and get paid for it? It can be a terrific feeling, being in front of the class and teaching people the things you know. You might not need to work alone, you can get someone or perhaps, join one that’s already in existence within the school. Not only do you gain money in return, you all build you spacial presence and connection.
6. Freelance writer – This is totally different from note taking. In fact, this is how I earn money here in school. Writers are in huge demand online and offline. If you’re good and you know it, then it’s time to make real money from your writing skills. You can contact websites, blogs, newspaper companies etc and offer to write for them. With this, I don’t think you will ever be in lack again. Most writers don’t know that they can make money through writing, they feel you have to publish a best seller before money can roll in. That’s wrong, you can make money, just for writing a 500 words article. Give it a try.
7. Singing, Rapping & dancing – Someone will definitely look surprised at this but it’s real. There are many school events that requires the services of a DJ,  rappers, dancers and singers to keep students entertained. You don’t wait till you’re called. Just go over than and sale yourself. After your terrific performance, the organiser of the event will always send you home with a filled pocket. I have a friend who’s into this and he’s silently making money doing something he loves. Maybe you too can do the same.

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