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US President Donald Trump orders security risk assessment of Chinese drones



In his final hours as the President of the United States, Donald Trump is trying to do whatever he can do to hurt the Chinese companies. In the latest move related to the US-China trade war, Donald Trump has signed an executive order.

As per the report from Reuters, the newly issued executive order signed by the President of the United States asks for agencies to assess security risks from Chinese-made drones in American government fleets and to prioritize removing them.

US President Donald Trump orders security risk assessment of Chinese drones

Donald Trump has directed all agencies in the U.S. to outline the security risks posed to the existing government drone fleet from drones built by Chinese companies or by other countries deemed as foreign adversaries

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A few weeks ago, the Commerce Department in the United States had blacklisted DJI Technologies, the world’s leading company in making drones. Last year, the Interior Department had grounded over 800 Chinese-made drones.


Prior to that, in May 2019, the Department of Homeland Security warned American firms of the risks to company data from Chinese-made drones. In a notice, DHS said U.S. officials have strong concerns about American data falling into the hands of an authoritarian state.

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