Top 5 Business You Must Do Before This Year Runs Out

Early this year, potential young entrepreneurs were filled with so many business ideas as the year unfolds. They knew strongly that if implemented, will fetch real cash to their account.

Guess what, majority of them were unable to take the hardest step, the first step of action. In case you were among, don’t worry, the year hasn’t yet ended. In this article, we’re going to explore about five (5) business ideas that you can do before this year ends. Let’s begin.

  1. Poultry Business – A lot of people might be myopic over this, but it’s the perfect business idea especially in this season. Festive periods are approaching and as you all know, entails the manslaughter of chickens. The requirements for starting this poultry business is relatively low and cheap. Like I always say, you don’t wait till the capital is huge before you start. The startup, no matter how small and grow from there. Check your capital and estimate how many chicks to start with. It’s very wise to have a well-detailed business plan which will include the cost of feeds, drugs, and the total cost of their structure. With N20,000, You can start it up here in Nigeria. Before December, you’ve expanded thereby allowing you to meet more potential customers and profits as they come home for the Christmas period.
  2. T-shirt customization – This is a huge business that can ultimately land you to financial freedom. Just look around you, how many young youths can you see? Now sit down and think, how many funerals have taken place this month? A lot of opportunities abound as long as T-shirt customization is concerned. Everyone is a customer. I don’t think someone will turn down the offer of inscribing whatever he wants on his polo. In fact, this is when you’ll discover that everyone is creative when it comes to the kind of design or customization that they want. Although this business will warrant you knowing Coral Draw which isn’t really a hard thing. Your start-up capital isn’t huge either. The machine used for T-shirt customization is diverse. Just go for the one that fits your budget and begin. But always keep expansion in mind.
  3. Footwear making – I was in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture’s entrepreneurial center, and what I saw in the labs was WOW. Actually, I thought footwear making was rocket science but that visit altered my perception. It was so easy that I was able to make mine just after listening to the instructor. It was fun and I went ahead to add some designs which made it look like their foreign designers wear. Momentarily, it hit me that I had been wasting money buying footwear instead of making it myself. This business is very easy and cheap to start up. The requirements will be getting an instructor for a month, you might even master everything within a day as a did. But even at that, you’ve to cool down and learn. There’s no rush. The start-up capital is relatively small, and you can always plow back your profits to increase production.
  4. Agriculture –This entails lots of things, especially in this rainy season. The early season maize will soon pass, thereby making way for the late-season ones. You know what that means… Not to talk of cassava, especially in this recession where everything is at its peak prices. Farming can be fun, especially if you know deep within the numerous benefits of it. I know of a student who specializes in cucumber production and honestly, he’s able to pay his tuition fees through it. When we talk about agriculture, we talk about a broad subject of its own.
  5. Blogging– You don’t know that blogging can be a business? Ohhhhhh… Now you know. When I talk about been a business-minded blogger, I’m not talking about being an irrelevant blogger that has no value to offer. Our cyberspace has been clattered with irrelevances, please don’t join the queue. Find a niche that you’re passionate about and blog about it. Please, remove anything from entertainment or gossip from your options. I’m giving you a piece of professional advice here. Although blogging isn’t a quick get rich scheme. If you can’t stay for 6 months without earning from your blog, then blogging is not for you. Some bloggers even have to stay for a year or more before they were unable to earn reasonable money. This business has more to do with passion, consistency, and being able to treat it like a business and not a hobby.
    There are lots and lots of business ideas that you can start before this year-end, start it up, and kick into action. Don’t waste time with so much planning, just kick START. If there’s one you have in mind but wasn’t mentioned in the article, tell us in the comment section.
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