The Road to Entrepreneurship

Every road in life has never been rosy nor have I seen one filled with rainbows. They all come with challenges that prompt you into having the best taste of life. Entrepreneurship comes with so much more, it comes with adventure, fun, and fulfillment. Many tend to feel their very soul sink deep into their stomach whenever entrepreneurship is mentioned. In their perception, they see an enormous nut that can’t be cracked, the fear of the unknown. They keep wondering, what if I fail in that business idea? What if it didn’t work out? I won’t survive if I lose this money. The fear of uncertainty can be very overwhelming, but that’s what makes this path the more interesting, it’s about taking a calculated risk, maximizing so much profit that warrants you retiring early in life.

A wise man once said, if you can’t fulfill your dreams, you’ll help others fulfill theirs.

It’s very ironical but that’s the bitter truth we always fail to disclose to ourselves. If you can’t take charge, if you can’t be the boss and take control, someone will do and you’ll be there to help out, by being the slave. That is a road that drops peanuts every month end. A road that warrants you working 12 hours daily, even 7 days a week. A road that doesn’t even offer you the luxury of enjoying your monthly peanuts. That is a road of slavery if you ask me. This road is cold and, trust me, you will keep struggling with the cold till you hit the grave.

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Entrepreneurship is the only road that guarantees total freedom and fulfillment. It keeps you in control, I mean, control over virtually everything. You don’t need to struggle with time, nor do you have to work like a Jackie to earn money. In fact, you’ll discover that you don’t work for money anymore, it works for you.

No matter how little the beginning, you’re an entrepreneur if you dream of expansion. But Id you don’t, you’re just a sole trader. The expansion comes with teamwork and if that isn’t the case, then you’re just a sole trader. This is a misconception that many are yet to correct. You’re at the street, single-handedly frying queen cakes doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. You become one when you dream of expansion and the employment of more efficient hands. Is not about failing cause it’s a normal cause in life. It’s about rising after a fall. I’m yet to see an entrepreneur who never failed. As far as I know, they failed woefully, but they never gave up. You’re a failure only when you stop trying to rise.

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This is one of my best posts on this site and I aim to lead you through this road of total freedom. I’m not just someone, I’m a professional entrepreneur who sees the need to breed forth more entrepreneurs, especially in Nigeria. We have awesome categories and we’ll try as much as we can to fish out quality and life-changing posts. Just bookmark this site, you can add it to your speed dial for quick access. The road is an intriguing one.

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