Meaning and Stages Of Advertising

Meaning and Stages Of Advertising

Meaning of advertising

The committee of the American Marketing Association see Advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and the promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”

Advertising can also be defined as “a form of communication about products and services paid for by a sponsor through the media”

Stages of Advertising

The concept of advertising evolves in three (3) stages. This is because as companies grow the motive, or idea behind a particular advert changes.

1. Pioneering advertising

Here, the company simply leverage ways of getting their marketing message across to their target audience.

Company’s advert follow a basic formula:

  • A product is shown
  • A need is established in the customer’s mind
  • An illustration is given on how the product will solve the customer’s need

This stage of advertising is done by a new company or an existing company with a new product.

2. Competitive advertising

Here, the company uses advertising to pass a message of superiority of their product or service over their competitors products.

In other words, this stage of advertising is one in which a company highlight benefits of their product…

…this is to paint a picture in the mind of their target audience that: Our product is better than similar ones out there.

Arguably, this is exactly what Apple Inc has successfully done over the years.

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3. Retentive advertising

This stage of advertising is done by a company in other to remind their target audience about their product.

For example:

I am fan of Adidas right? But while going through my feed a few weeks back, i saw some angels from Nike.


Nike is a household name. I do not need any convincing to buy a product from them. Nevertheless, i saw those on my way to a movie so i wasn’t 100% captured…

After the movie, i completely forgot i had seen some cool stuffs from Nike i would like to own…

…fast forward to the exact day i am working on this article, i saw the same advert on my feed again and i remembered i need a pair from those collection.

Bottom line?

Initially i was lost, but now i am found.

Companies understand a few customers do not need any convincing to own their product. They already know about it and they liked it, but they tend to forget due to other daily activities…

…and that’s why retentive advertising is leveraged in other to remind their target about their product.

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