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Sony unveils two new wireless speakers with 360 Reality Audio



Giant Japanese tech company Sony has announced the release of two new wireless speaker systems, the SRS-RA5000 and the SRS-RA3000. Both speakers, according to Sony, are capable of providing a more compelling sound experience with their room-filling sound feature in indoor situations and also have Sony’s 360 Reality Audio feature.

Sony unveils two new wireless speakers with 360 Reality Audio

The RA5000 is a seven-speaker system with three up-firing drivers, three front-facing drivers, and an internal woofer. The design creates a uniform sphere of sound around the speaker regardless of its position around the room. The device also has a manual sound calibration feature, allowing for an adjustment of the audio.

Sony unveils two new wireless speakers with 360 Reality Audio

The cheaper and more portable RA3000 is designed as a three-speaker system that is made up of two tweeters that project sound in an arc via a long strip and an internal woofer. It also has two passive radiators as an additional layer for sound modulation.

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The RA3000 is designed to be humidity-resistant, and this allows it to be placed in moist and humid environments without any damage or malfunction. Thus you can continue listening to the music inside your kitchen or in the bathroom. The RA5000 does not have the humidity-resistant capability. In addition, the RA3000 can also auto-calibrate itself to its surroundings, which is absent in the RA5000.


Sony unveils two new wireless speakers with 360 Reality Audio

Both speakers have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Wireless connectivity allows for the streaming of content from Spotify using the Spotify Connect feature or the Chromecast integration is used to cast audio.

Both speakers also have integration with smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. However, they are not smart speakers but they can integrate with other smart home devices and also play audio along with smart speakers. In order to successfully integrate the smart assistant, an Amazon or Google-compliant smartphone or any other smart device is needed which will serve as the interface between you and the speaker using Alexa or Google Assistant.

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Presently, the speakers are only available in the UK and Europe, at a cost of £500/€599 for the RA5000 and £280/€359 for the RA3000. Both devices will be available in February 2021, while their entry into the North American market will be announced later.

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