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Software Development Agency in Nigeria



Software Development Agency in Nigeria

Softicu is becoming a leading name in the Software Development industry because of their unparalleled services in Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Application Development and IT Consulting Services.

Softicu is a Software Development Agency, and the list of its services includes Software Development Services, Web Development Services, Desktop Application Development Services, IT Consultancy, WordPress Themes and Plugins development and API Integration and Development. All these services are significant for any large-scale organization.

Softicu has been in software development business since 2010 with more than 300+ client’s projects completed to their satisfaction. Today, Softicu aim at providing the best standards of excellence in solutions, services, products and creating a long-term and win-win relations with their clients.

 While several tech firms are offering their services in the market, Softicu Technologies have set themselves on higher ground and becoming best Software Development Agency in Abia State and Nigeria due to the following factors:

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Firstly, Softicu’ services would not hurt your bank as much as tackling the IT problems on your own might do. Research suggests that the organizations that outsource Web Development and Mobile Application Services for their technological needs experience a significant reduction in their expenditure to almost 25%.

Secondly, Softicu is a team of highly talented individuals who make sure to enhance proactive maintenance and prevent issues. With their services, they ensure continuous monitoring which leads to preventing issues before they start being a menace for your organization!

Thirdly, being one of the most diverse teams of technical experts, Softicu makes sure that the security of your organization does not get compromised no matter what! And lastly, not only do they ensure you a better quality of services, but also make sure that the services are enhanced because of the efficient call routing they provide.

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The management at Softicu Technology takes pride in the quality of their work and loves what they produce. They believe that for them nothing comes before their customers. In the words of one of their managers: “Getting your organization acquainted with the experts at Softicu is a win-win situation! While the primary benefit revolves around giving your organization the Security Expertise that it significantly needs! Not only that but with the essence of extra staffing that we provide, things are destined to get better for your organization! Our experts are equipped with the technical knowledge and expertise that allows us to manage your organization’s procedures from an off-site location, giving you complete liberty to carry out your organizational processes in the usual manner!”

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About the Company

Softicu is the leading Software Development Agency in Abia State. An innovative technology company that provides IT Services including Software Development and Server Management services.

Softicu Contact:

Company Name: Softicu

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: [email protected]


Country: United States, UK, Nigeria


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