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Samsung to start supplying foldable display panels to other companies



Many smartphone companies were working on foldable smartphones for the past few years but only a couple of them managed to launch their devices commercially, which includes Samsung and Huawei.

With Huawei practically out of the premium smartphone space for the time being because of the trade restrictions, Samsung is at an advantage. Now, the company is planning to offer its foldable display panels to other companies.

Samsung to start supplying foldable display panels to other companies

Reports indicate that the South Korean giant is planning to provide one million foldable display panels which include both designs — horizontal fold and vertical fold. While the number may not seem much, it is a good place to start with.

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The report further adds that multiple China-based smartphone makers have been in talks with Samsung Display to source foldable screen panels. With Samsung reportedly agreeing to it, we could see several new foldable smartphones in the second half of this year, likely from brands like OPPO and Xiaomi.


Samsung already has a few foldable smartphones in the market and is now reportedly working on a third-generation model. By supplying its panels to others, it will be able to put more players in this space, hoping to push adaptation of foldable phones.

Apart from the companies like Xiaomi and OPPO, Apple is also expected to launch a foldable iPhone in the coming years. While several details of the foldable iPhone have leaked online, we are yet to see anything official from the company.

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