Reasons Why You Must Fire Your Boss

Many of us have in one time in our life dreamed of being independent. Not just to be in control, but to make the rules as we climb our mountain in life.

We hate the stressful office days that add only peanuts at every month-end. We hate those office politics.

What of those workers that keep shading you off just to paint you evil in the eyes of your employers? The office gossips are enough to sabotage your daily joy. Apart from those horrible reasons already listed, why should you really be your own boss?

Why must your boss be fired? I’m going to tell you WHY is this article. Just keep an open mind and read along.

Whenever I stand to make emphasis on why we must be our own boss, why we must be independent, there’s always someone to counter.

There’s always someone who will say that everyone can’t be an entrepreneur. That’s simply the truth. Everyone can’t be an entrepreneur, there has to be a balance. That’s why everyone must not be rich, there will always be the poor in our midst. If everyone becomes an entrepreneur, who will I employ to work as my salesman? You see, despite the fact that the road to light is shown, not everyone will take that path.

That’s life… Below are hard undeniable reasons why you must fire that ugly boss.


The title alone makes me boil with anger. Why do you have to work 12 hours every day just to be paid peanuts? Something that will be drowned in debt the moment bank alert is received, leaving you to work like a Jackie another month. My own dad wandered around this rat race till he retired with almost nothing to show for his services to the government.

I know many people who have worked for either the government or privately owned firms for years and yet, no transition whatsoever.

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This is a billion-dollar reason why you must fire your boss. Being your own boss, you start earning big. Which will indeed motivate you into working harder and earning bigger. As time goes, earning keeps getting easier and easier. You discover that making money is the easiest thing in the world.


Most people who are still working under a boss will never have freedom as long as work is concerned Freedom is assured only on retirement. Retiring as an employee isn’t really freedom. You might be heading into oblivion. Some are even in a deeper mess, staying far away from home and only visit the family once every six months. Is that really life? Slavery if you ask me. But being your own boss gives you all the time in the world. You decide when to leave your bed when to go on break, even when to go on a picnic with your family. You can choose to stay at home for the month, while your slaves take care of the office. The privileges that come with being your own boss is countless.


Have you ever woke up one morning and wish it was the weekend? You’re getting office sick and these are signs that unfulfillment is becoming part of who you are. Being self-reliant gives you more, you wake up with so much enthusiasm and strength. You work with joy that everyone around gets to see your face glow. Being the boss rocks. For the first time in your life, you’ll feel a sense of purpose. You don’t have to work monotonously every day for an ugly ungrateful boss, you get to do new things and see the world. Entrepreneurship is filled with adventure.


Working for a boss will sometimes make you feel like a robot. You do the same thing every day. Say exactly the same words, same clothes, even see the same faces. Your only purpose becomes to get that monthly salary and settle your bills. After settling the bill, another circle unfolds. When you sit down and think, believe me, you’ll know you’re running around a circle, the rat race. Fire your boss and see a new beautiful purpose unfold.

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The kind of personality degrade that happens within the four walls of the office can be overwhelming. Imagine a 22 years old kid, ordering a man old enough to be his father. I’m not going to blame the kid anyway. He’s the boss and the old man is the slave. I know there are worst scenarios, I know there are more that might spark the ear. Anyway, it’s already said, “if you can’t fulfill your dream, you’ll help someone fulfill theirs. ” That’s why being your own boss makes more sense. In fact, you become a respected figure in society.


Being an entrepreneur gives you all the time in the world. You get to have more fun and travel to new places. Although this stage happens when your business has passed the infant stage of establishment. Most entrepreneurs use most of this free time to travel around the work and write new books that impact lives, making them more famous thereby opening another stream of income.

The journey of an entrepreneur is an interesting one I must say. You get to know that working for money is a SIN. You shouldn’t work for money. This man-made piece of shitt should be working for you. Not the other way round. Where is fulfillment if you keep struggling to pay the bills, put food on the table? Where’s the fun if paying school fees is World War III? Leaving the rat race is one of the greatest decisions you’ll ever make in life. FIRE YOUR BOSS!

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