Make 2 Million Naira In A Year From Grasscutter Farming

Just recently, I met a childhood friend of mine who has been away for over five years. Looking at him, he wasn’t doing bad at all and the curios me took over. Ever since I started this blog, I have unconsciously developed the habit of sniffing at the livelihood of all the people I come in contact with. Perhaps to get an idea of a booming business and then help expose them to people like you. Well, after grinning broadly at me for some minutes, he said; “Grasscutter Farming”.

You need to see my bewildered look when he told me that. Mind you, this friend of mine is in the rank of these swaggercious young men you see on Instagram, those who don’t joke with swag or fashion. For someone like him to be in grasscutter farming beat my imagination. He had to show me some pictures before he was able to convince me. If a guy like him can be in this business, then most of you in the village should be brought out in the market place and flogged 24 strokes of the cane.

As it is my ritual, I brought out my pad immediately as he guides me through how to start grasscutter farming anywhere in the world. He started on a large-scale and was able to make N2million naira in a year. If you can do this right, you’ll be able to make more than 2million naira a year from the grasscutter farming business, depending on the size you began with. Let’s get into the business.

Greater Cane Rat, popularly called grasscutter belongs to the rodent family. Although they look a little like these annoying rats in my bedroom, but they are bigger. The spiny fur on the back and rounded nose distinguish grasscutter from the real rats. If you feel like eating a grasscutter and you hit the market, you won’t get it less than N5000. If the grasscutter seller is a friend, he might take pity on you and give it out for N4800. What’s the difference anyway..? Grasscutter is costly. That’s definitely what made grasscutter farming a lucrative venture.

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1. COLONY – In grasscutter farming, a colony refers to a colony of one male grasscutter with about 3 or 4 female grasscutters. Two males can’t ‘t live together in a colony hence, placing one which is mainly for reproduction. As a newbie, you might decide to start with one colony, then expand as you gain more experience.

2. BREEDING – In each colony, make sure that the male is healthy so as to boost its performance which will directly improve reproduction. That, however, doesn’t mean you should go for unhealthy female grasscutters. Go for breeds with a good weight and are resistant to disease. Remember, a genetically healthy breed will breed healthy offsprings.

3. GRASSCUTTER PEN/STRUCTURE – In grasscutter farming, a grasscutter pen is needed so as to keep these creatures away from humans disturbance and predators like snakes and soldier ants. When building your pen, make sure that the place they eat is different from the place they sleep. The dimension of the cage should be 180cm in length, 60cm in width, and 45cm in height. Build your cage that way, separate for each colony.



Before you take a further step, make your preliminary capital is ready for a feasibility study, to know for sure if the business is indeed feasible. This is done by conducting market research, analyzing the height of demand, and the cost needed to kick off. From your feasibility study, you’ll be able to write a grasscutter farming business plan that will guide you in the cause of your business.


If you’re starting a grasscutter farming with just one colony, then you’ll need a small space around your area. It can be in your backyard if you have any. Just make sure it’s devoid of noise and human interference. Also, make sure it’s safe from predators and thieves.


Grasscutter is a herbivorous animal which means, they live by grass and that’s why their perfect habitats are the bush. Grasscutter farming isn’t capital-intensive cause you won’t have to waste much finance on feeds. Their feeds are easily gotten, feeds like Elephant or Napier grass, Sugar cane, Guinea grass, Gamba grass, Congo grass, etc. Some farmers usually add feeds like broiler finisher and broiler starter in other to fatten the grasscutters for market size.

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Like I have previously stated, grasscutter is very costly and one of the most demanded meats in the world. You can’t get one health grasscutter for anything less than N5000. A female grasscutter can reproduce twice a year and they give birth to over 6 – 8 offsprings at once. Sometimes, even more. Imagine if you began with one colony that has 4 females. That means per female can give birth to at least, 20 offsprings. Five hundred grasscutter a year is over N2.5 Million. To make millions from grasscutter farming, then you need to start large with about 10 colonies. With that, making millions becomes feasible. When they give birth, the offsprings can start reproducing 7 – 8 months later, thereby expanding the farm.


Grasscutter meat is among the top ten most sought-after meat in the world. This means that demand is very high and the available grasscutter farmers can’t even handle the demand. There are restaurants, prospective grasscutter farmers, market women who want grasscutter in other to stay in business. When you hit the market with your mature grasscutter, it takes only a day or a few to sell them off.


Grasscutter farming is a profitable agribusiness that can make you a millionaire. At the beginning of this post, I made mention of a friend who’s into this business and was able to make N2 million in a year. That’s quite true. When you start big, that’s when you’ll discover that making money becomes easy.

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