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Keeping up with Tech News is Important for Business



Keeping up with Tech News is Important for Business

The hottest bookmarking site on the web today, Flipkart, has new ways to get Tech News fast. With Flipkart quiz, you’ll get instant access to the most popular technology of the season. This fall, Flipkart will be hosting a quiz competition to find out which Tech News favorite is best! This will be the first annual Google Buzz Challenge and is looking for your favorite tech startups, both established and up-and-coming. Here’s how it works:

Get ready for a crazy summer. This summer, we’ll see a wide variety of new inventions as companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others race to get into the smartphone market. We already know that smartphones are a must-have this summer, but what else? If you are passionate about tech news, then answer the Flipkart trivia question and win a sleek and futuristic smartphone – one that doesn’t look like an iPhone!

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Keeping up with Tech News is Important for Business

The Google smartphone rumor was just that: A rumor. However, the rumors have been circulating for quite some time now. In September, Google released two big-scale programs that could change the way we do business. One of these apps is called “Google Now,” which will operate through your Gmail and allow you to bring important information right to your mobile screen. The other app, called “refunds,” lets you exchange your defective Google products with a smart-phone manufacturer. Both of these apps are designed to improve customer satisfaction and should help reduce tech claims.

Another hot topic this fall is the FTC’s impending decision on the future of Google Pay. The FTC is currently being sued by the world’s largest social network, Facebook. The suit claims that the FTC is improperly regulating the internet, which could hurt smaller start-ups. The suit claims that the FTC has failed to apply the proper standards when it comes to determining how much companies should pay for search engine traffic. The social networking giants hope to have their demands met by the FTC; however, a meeting date has not been set yet.


The final topic we’re going to talk about today is the upcoming release of the Google Play app for Android devices. Just like Facebook, Google hopes to take the market share away from Apple and become the go-to place for digital media entertainment. The Google Play app will allow users to purchase music, books, news, and apps, among others, through their own online portals. Many speculate that the Play app will replace the existing on-demand options currently available on devices such as the iPod and iPhone.

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