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JAMVAT is an abbreviation for Jamaica Values and Attitudes. The Jamvat Jamaican Scholarship Program gives monetary help to understudies who fit the bill for affirmation in a licensed college in Jamaica, yet can’t cover educational expenses because of the absence of money. Notwithstanding, these understudies are granted grants, however, are given the freedom to add to the state through 200 hours of public assistance.

The goal of the JAMVAT program comes in two creases: the understudies take an interest in serving the local area consequently having familiarity with his/her municipal obligation and simultaneously, the public authority pays 30% of the understudies’ educational cost which ought not to surpass $350,000 per annum. JAMVAT members should finish at least 200 deliberate hours prior to or at the end of the program to meet all requirements for the 30% of educational cost award.

Qualification Criteria for the SCHOLARSHIP

Jamaican Citizen as long as 18 years old and not over 35 years of age (prior to December 31) of the extended time of use.

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Just candidates seeking after their first college class of review on a full-time premise are qualified

The higher establishment which offered the candidate affirmation should be licensed by the University Council of Jamaica

Candidates will be seeking after courses licensed by the University Council of Jamaica

Candidates will have accomplished FULL registration. Understudies selected to connecting, fundamental or

Explained programs DO NOT meet all requirements for help.

Candidates will be jobless at the hour of the application

Candidates who are recipients of Student Loan Bureau (SLB) are qualified for help

Candidates should get a (B) normal or Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 in secondary school to be qualified for the grant

The grant can’t be conceded to the following scholastic year, beneficiary should use monetary help same year it was allowed.

Just candidates who play out at least 200 hours of willful help at a Government or non-benefit association are considered for the award

Scholastic greatness is normal for the candidates. In this way, a beneficiary of the grant can’t rehash a grade because of scholarly disappointment.

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Candidates who have profited from three (3) distributions of monetary help under the JAMVAT program are not qualified.

Candidates ought to be needing monetary help.

Records Required to Apply for the JAMVAT Scholarship Program

A finished application structure. Download the application structure here

Acknowledgment letter for new understudies (the letter shouldn’t be more established than a half year). For returning/proceeding with an understudy, a Status Letter (No more established than a half year)

A Valid ID/ensured duplicate of Birth Certificate

Record (No more established than a half year) for bringing students back

Articulation of records/Tuition letter

Identification size picture

Citizen Registration Number (TRN)

Instructions to Apply for the JAMVAT Scholarship Program

In the event that you meet the qualification standards, then, at that point, feel free to download the application structure:

Fill the application form with exact subtleties

Append the records recorded previously. (have it as a main priority that the records connected are relied upon whether you are another understudy or bringing the student back. For example, while new understudies are needed to connect an acknowledgment letter, returning understudies ought to join a status letter)

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Ship off through mail to:

Service of Education, Youth and Information Tertiary Unit, Building three

4 National Heroes Circle,

Kingston 4

Jamvat Scholarship Application Form

The application structure is realistic here. Note that deficient applications won’t be handled.

Advantages of the JAMVAT grant program

JAMVAT pays 30% of TUITION ONLY to its beneficiary.

A onetime payment of $10,000.00 is paid understudy who effectively finishes the necessary 200 hours of intentional assistance

Understudies benefit from the deliberate assistance which expands their attention to city/common obligations.

Understudies gain encounters, really look at their status, and collaborate with speakers on issues of public interest.

Understudies add to the local area and public improvement through volunteerism.

Understudies additionally benefit from the true proficient experience.

Jamvat Scholarship Deadline

JAMVAT will be tolerating application structures for the 2020/2021 scholarly year on Wednesday, April 1, 2021, through to June 30, 2022.

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