Is Blogging A Business Or A Waste Of Time?

Thanks to entertainment and gossip bloggers in Nigeria, the name blogging have been pitifully dragged to the mud.

Anytime a blogger is mentioned, what is envisioned is a selfish imp looking for the quickest way to drive traffic and make money without adding any sort of value to their readers. Many of these entertainment bloggers had the wrong orientation.

They think that by copying and pasting rumours, they will become the next Linda Ikeji, and make millions overnight. What a joke! No wonder that after 2 to 3 months, they had no other choice than to push the quit button.

Blogging is business, and if you must make it as a blogger anywhere in the world, you have to treat it like one..

Even more. The biggest mistake every newbie make is setting out without testing the water. No business plan, no niche in mind.

In fact, they blog about everything. From gossip to tech, from tech to religion and so on. Just go an extra mile and search for ”Top 100 blogs in Nigeria’. Most of these blogs are dead and gone. What could be wrong? Let me tell you the THREE KEY THINGS they did wrong.

1. THEY THOUGHT IT’S SO EASY – Irrespective of how optimistic every blogging article may sound, the bitter truth is that blogging isn’t easy. Starting a new blog is equal to having a new baby. You might have to stay awake throughout the night.

You might have to spend the rest of your day trying to fix a glitch, tweaking a design or brainstorming about your next article. It doesn’t end there, you’ll later discover the importance of SEO and sort for means to stay at the top. Blogging isn’t easy.

Getting to know the truth before starting will make all the difference.. Blogging might not get you a reasonable cash within your first 3 month, 6 months..even a year. This is where you discover that you need passion more than the money.

Your passion to blog is like a fuel that drives you along even during crisis. While treating it like a business gets you faster to the money. If you do this well, you’ll start earning within 3 months of starting up.

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2. THEY DIDN’T TREAT IT AS BUSINESS – Many think that blogging is about write and sleep. Some write when they feel like.. Or whenever they have the passion. Staying for a week without an update doesn’t just kill your blog, it buries it deep into the ground.

Starting a blog without any capital to invest shows you’re not In for business. You need money to get a domain and secure a hosting plan. You also need money to stay online with data bundles. You might even need money to fuel your generator when power is out.

The key to every successful blog is consistency. There’s no magic in being a successful blogger. It takes only hard work, determination and consistency.

Blogging isn’t about writing, what use is it if nobody gets to read it? You’ll need to promote your articles on all your social handles. You have to treat it as business and implore all the marketing strategies up your sleeves.

3. WRONG NICHE – Your duration of success depends on your niche. Going for entertainment/gossip will not only frustrate you, it will kill your dream as a blogger.

The entertainment niche is saturated with thousands of bloggers.. Why go in for the competition when there are numerous niche where you can be king? Where does your passion lie? What can you blog about for a year without getting bored? It can be about music, football, relationship, self development, work outs, business, technology, faith.. Maybe a story blog. Whatever it is, get on with it and make it Big.


Blogging isn’t a waste of time, you can earn over 6 to 7 figures monthly through blogging. The amount of traffic you drive determines that. How can you get that? What can be done to drive traffic to your blog?

Earning reasonable amount from your blog is tied to the amount of views you get, but all the failed bloggers didn’t know.

They think by posting hundreds of articles per day, the money will roll in without any sort of promotion. Nah.. It doesn’t work like that.

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You can drive traffic through most of the social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.. By sharing them on your walls for your friends to see.

Going for paid traffic like Google Ads, Facebook ads, even from other corporate websites and blogs might be necessary.. The most interesting route is guest blogging.

This will give you a link to your site thereby increasing your page rank and authority in search engine. One of the mistakes bloggers do is not writing a good article during a guest post.

They are after the link and nothing more. In fact, your guest post should be a killer article. One that’s better than over 80 percent articles on your blog. You never can tell where your readers are.

Once you start getting reasonable traffic, applying for Google Adsense might be the next step in earning from your blog. Other sites also run affiliate programs in which you can also make money. Like KongaJumia etc..


As you grow, you might need to compile most of your articles like an e-book and sell. The more you go, the easier it becomes.. There will be a time you’ll need to pay freelance writers to do the writing while you sit back and count the money.


  1. A laptop or Tablet
  2. Capital of about N15,000 for domain name and hosting
  3. A little writing skill
  4. Patient
  5. Consistency
  6. …and hard work.

If you do it right, you’ll get it right. Blogging isn’t really rocket science. Just follow the rules and traffic will be assured. It’s normal to make mistakes as you start, but it isn’t certainly normal if you keep up with it. There are many individuals who are better off today as bloggers. They are prove that you can build a house, get a car, take care of every responsibilities just by blogging. Avoiding the mistakes most failed bloggers did will make a whole difference in your career as a blogger. Do it right, and you’ll get it right!

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