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iOS vs Android: Which is the Best for Gaming?



Life would be boring and dull without entertainment. Everyone needs a little breather sometimes from their boring routine to do something entertaining just to refresh themselves. And what better than to play a mobile game. But which device to get? People usually find themselves asking this question ever so frequently whenever they plan to buy a smartphone. There are pros and cons of both iOS and Android which it comes to playing games on mobile. Android users sometimes engage in a never-ending battle with the iOS users about which phone is better and who gives more significant benefits.

iOS vs Android: Which is the Best for Gaming?

Android vs iPhone: Which is Better for Gaming?

Beyond preference, there are a number of factors that affect the gaming experience. What are they? Well, let’s find out!

1. Who Gets the Game First?

And the answer is iOS. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons for this. The first is that it is much easier to develop games for iPhones as compared to Android. This is because developers have to create games for over 18,000 companies when targeting Android users. The reason is that people don’t really prefer installing the latest Android versions quickly. It then forces the game makers to invest resources to make sure that the title is available for a variety of android versions.

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Also, there are some games that support the option of multiplayer. Remember that this will work fine as long as you are connected to a reliable internet connection. For me, Spectrum internet has been working just fine. It allows me to play COD: Warzone with my friends online. And the best part is that my game doesn’t lag. What more can one ask for?


2. Gaming Restrictions

Apple is very unpredictable when it comes to updates. They usually introduce a law every now and then which prevents people from enjoying their favorite app. This usually infuriates many gamers whenever their favorite game becomes a target of this law. However, Google doesn’t really interfere with mobile games on its apps unless it becomes absolutely necessary for them to take some kind of action. Plus, most of the apps banned by Google are not always games. So, if you love a title then you can be certain to enjoy it until the developer decides to discontinue producing it.

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3. The Quality

Apple usually deletes old apps that don’t meet their standards. The company always prefers quality over quantity. Whereas Google is not like Apple. The company allows all kinds of games to be made available for the users to download. Therefore, most of them are full of glitches or contains annoying ads that completely ruin the playing experience.

However, there are some premium games available for both Apple and Google. Some developers go the extra mile in making sure to make sure that the title works like butter on both operating systems. But, the quality of the game might differ. Sure, you will always find quality games on iOS but it doesn’t mean that all Android games are less superior.

4. Game Affordability

Back in the day, playing video games on Android was everyone’s top choice. This is because nobody wanted to spend money on mobile games. Today, both Android and iOS charge the players. Developers these days design games in such a fashion that involves users making some in-app purchases that unlock special items.


However, as discussed in the previous point, people who are casual gamers who don’t want to spend on mobile games can download titles from Google Play Store. You will find a lot of free games there. But if you are not afraid of spending on a good game then iPhone is your answer! You will find a lot of interesting games from racing to puzzle created by notable developers that will surely not disappoint you. Plus, you can always double the fun by mirroring your iPhone’s game on Spectrum cable TV so that everyone can enjoy it.

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By considering the four factors above, it doesn’t seem like there is a difference between Android and iOS. Hence it is a tie. Both of these operating systems support great games. And the best thing is that all notable publishers release titles on both devices. There are free games available on both devices. It is certainly a great time for gamers who can fulfill their gaming needs with a help of a smartphone.

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