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Intel has fixed its 7nm process, but still plans on outsourcing some parts



Intel has just reported on its fourth-quarter earnings earlier today (22nd January 2021). In the report, the company noted a strong quarter and a record year, while also promising an update on its 7nm process.

Intel has fixed its 7nm process, but still plans on outsourcing some parts

The known chip maker stated that it has apparently fixed its 7nm process but still plans on outsourcing some plans, as per a TomsHardware report. Intel is planning to contract out the production of some of its leading-edge products. Previously, we had reported on team blue outsourcing the production of its Core i3 processors to TSMC, the world’s largest contract chipmaker. Furthermore, Intel’s upcoming CEO Pat Gelsinger added that he has personally reviewed the progress of the updated 7nm process.

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The senior executive said that he was pleased with the “health and recovery of the 7nm program.” He further added that Intel will be using external foundries for some of its products. The upcoming CEO is also confident that the majority of the company’s 2023 CPU products will mostly be from its own factories. Further plans regarding production will be unveiled at a later date, after Gelsinger takes the lead in February 2021.

Intel has fixed its 7nm process, but still plans on outsourcing some parts

11th Gen Intel Processors

Notably, Intel has also noted great performance in its mobile chips that are found in laptops. Thanks to affordable notebooks, the company’s PC business saw a significant rise of 33 percent year on year in the fourth quarter of last year. During this time, the average price of notebooks dropped by 15 percent, which further helped boost the sales of laptops with Intel chips, as per an Engadget report. The bump in sales was also backed by the pandemic that made remote working and online education the new norm as well.

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