5 Ways To Increase Your Customer Base

The success and failure of every business venture is ultimately tied to the customers. They can either be up-liftment or doom, depending on how the card is played. After the establishment of an enterprise, the next question that usually pop up have been how to reach the target audience. Ways to increase your customer base and make more profit. At the initial stage, it will look like a hard nut that can’t be cracked, but as you take a step toward that angle, you’ll definitely be wowed cause the results will be amazing.

No matter how lucrative your business is, if your customers are beyond arms reach, you’ll keep having financial issues which is a sure route to depression. I’m sure you sincerely don’t want that. In business, customers are everything. It doesn’t matter the product you have for sale.. If you’re selling N5 sweet and you’ve a customer database of about N2million Nigerians, why won’t you be be a millionaire? Now imagine if your product is one that goes for over N5000 and you were able to sell to 50 customers within a week.. That’s about N250,000. You see, there’s lots of reason why you must work on your customer base Now.

Let’s Explore Some Tips On Ways To Increase Your Customer Base.


Take a look at your product or service, who are you producing for? This is one major way to identify your potential customers and get them to know about your business. Don’t tell me that your product is for everyone. At least, their must be a specific group the product speaks for. Ask yourself;

• Which group of people will demand this product the more? Is it ladies between the age of 20 to 30?

• Where can they be found? Is it within university campuses? Is it in church or marketplace.?

• Can they afford this product/service? What’s their estimated income?

Knowing a lot about who you’re producing for helps reach out to them easily, thereby converting them to loyal customers. So, create a detailed profile of your potential customers. The more you narrow the segment, the more customers you meet.


If you’ve discovered your target market and the places they hang out or can be found, the next step will be reaching out immediately. Many entrepreneurs make this mistake. They have discovered a market, but taking a step further to reaching them becomes an impossible task. Someone told me;

‘Henry, I simply don’t have the confidence.’

Like seriously? Being an entrepreneur is not all about selling a product or offering a service. It’s more of believing in oneself and having the attributes of a leader which confidence is among. These attributes Is what determines your success in business. If you’ve to walk into a bank, meet the manager just for a business proposal, then go for it without shaking like a scared chick.

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There are many ways to reach your target market which will evidently enhance your customer base. It could be through running of ads on TV, radio FMs, newspaper ads etc. Reach out to them and your bank account will smile in return.


You will agree with me that the biggest marketplace is online. In fact, this is definitely the easiest way to reach your potential buyers and increase your customer base without sweating for it. No matter the kind of business you do, you can have an online presence and pull in more buyers easily. Not only will this increase your customer database, it build up your brand.

There are many ways to go online, it could be through;

• CREATING A FACEBOOK page that helps reach to new customers. Facebook has over 1billion users, why can’t you tap into this number? Running a facebook Ad will no doubt give you a head-start in your quest for more customers.

• CREATING A BLOG is also another way of bringing in more sales and increasing your customer base. Before someone make a purchase, there’s a high chance that they first Google it before making any purchase. Creating a blog is very easy and cheap. It doesn’t involve much technicalities. If you can browse the web, then you can blog. All you need is a little basic info and you’re good to go. Here in EntMirror, we have a team of Web Designers that can help create that perfect blog for your business.

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• BUILDING AN EMAIL LIST is also a great way to boost those figures. Although you can do this with a blog, but some entrepreneurs prefer to buy a mail list and send contents that helps convert their mail readers to customers.


This will go successfully if your current or existing customers are always satisfied with your products or services. If your business venture is one that holds customer’s satisfaction to high esteem, your customers will run an Ad for you without your consent. Even at that, it still doesn’t hurt to ask for referrals. Your customers have the ability of converting non-customers to one.

Take for instance, you’ve about 50 loyal customers and they all decide to bring a referral, that’s double. Your customer database will surely take a giant leap forward due to that single act. However, this happens if your goods are good and satisfies the customers. If they are not, they won’t return and definitely won’t advice anyone to.


One of the most recommended ways to build a huge customer base is to retain and satisfy your current customer. It might sound ironic but that’s fact. A wise woman once said,

‘If you lose one customer, you’ve lost hundred customers’

If you take this deeper, you’ll understand perfectly well what she meant. Work on your support. Give a freebie, relate more and strive to satisfy their needs. You never can tell who’s your business ambassador out there. Customers can be so loyal that they can defend the reputation of a firm everywhere they are. This exhibition of loyalty is what pulls in more customers.

The aim of every entrepreneur is to keep climbing the ladder, and that is only possible when we keep our customer database on the increase. In our quest to flood in more customers to our list, our current customers shouldn’t suffer for it. None has to lose for the expense of another. Get a way to offer value, both to current and new customers.

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