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Huawei seeks to help Australia in rolling out 6G network



Huawei is apparently calling on the Australian government to begin the initiative of rolling out the next generation of telecommunications. The company seeks to cooperate with the government for 6G networking.

Huawei seeks to help Australia in rolling out 6G network

According to an SMH report, the Chinese telecom equipment maker wants the government to talk to the company on how to roll out the next generation of mobile networking technology, or 6G. This time it aims at working closely with the government to avoid a ban, which it faced for the nation’s 5G network. In other words, it is also another attempt to reverse its original ban from working on Australia’s 5G roll out and aims at working with the government for research and development of 6G networking.

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As per Huawei Australia’s director of corporate affairs Jeremy Mitchell, it is still “not too late” for the company to supply the country with telecommunications equipment for its 5G infrastructure, but he also believes that “it is very unlikely.” The official added that “The conversation we now want to have with the Australian government is what do we do when 6G or 7G comes, because like it or not Huawei or another Chinese company will be the leader in this area,” and that “We would like to work with the government to ensure Australia has access to the best technology but do so in a way which gives security agencies confidence in terms of risk mitigation.”

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Huawei seeks to help Australia in rolling out 6G network

Mitchel believes that “6G is just at the very beginning of research development but it’s important to get in now to understand where this technology is going.” For those unaware, Huawei faced a ban by the Australian government over its participation in the 5G roll out as it was a “high-risk vendor,” which might be under the influence of a foreign government and its interest that might conflict with Australian law. Thus, the move from the Chinese company might be seen as an attempt to scrap the ban, with Mitchell even bringing the example of Ericsson lobbying against the Swedish government over a similar Huawei 5G ban as an example.



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