How to Thank your Employees this Christmas

During my days as an employee, I recall vividly how my boss smuggled a fat envelope into my palms and varnished with his blue Highlander. I stood, too stunned and shocked to move. Suddenly, my palms began to sweat as my shaky knees grow in weakness. This was unlike the boss I know and I thought; perhaps there is a mistake somewhere. I could feel the cash within the brown envelope, but my eyes were yet to feed themselves. With shaky hands, I carefully tore the envelope and before me was a neat stack of money with a Christmas card which reads;

🌹 “Dear George, you’ve been a great help to this business and I wish you have a great Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas. See you on January.” 🌹

You never can imagine how happy I was. I felt like crying, I did let out a tear of gratitude. Believe me, that was my best Christmas ever and till today, I still find a way to thank whoever that’s working for me in such a manner and the expression is always the same, disbelief.

As an entrepreneur who’s working with a team, you need to diverse a means to thank your employees this Christmas. After thanking your loyal customers with gifts and discounts, your employees shouldn’t be left behind. There are ways you can appreciate or thank your employees without breaking the bank. In this article, I’m going to show you how. Read on!

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Before I give an employee a gift, I first of all try to be in his or her shoes. What kind of gift will be of tremendous help? Will my employee prefer money to a wrapped gift? Giving a useless gift is as good as not giving at all. So, give them a choice to choose from. If you can afford it, perhaps both will be awesome.

As a good entrepreneur or business owner, you are supposed to know a lot about your employees and the kind of gift that will mean a lot to them. Do you think they are struggling financially? Then a cash gift will surely brighten up their face this season.


Many businesses usually hold an office party as a way of thanking their employees. Well, I want you to ditch that idea and do something different. Why not take them on a field trip? Going to places of interest will be awesome. Picnic or cinemas seems like a great option. Not only will they let go of office stress through such outings, they also get to know more about the team they work with as they laugh and joke around.


Hope you’re not planning to hold your employees hostage this yuletide season? When the time is right, please lay them off to go celebrate Christmas with their friends and family. That however shouldn’t affect their paycheck. This is one of the effective ways to thank your employees this Christmas. This is the greatest gift you can ever give to your employee. Not only will they be happy with you, they will get to understand that you know their struggle and feelings.

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Before you finally say goodbye for the last time, make sure you give Christmas cards, thanking them for being effective and efficient in the running of the business. Wish them well and make every one of them feel special. They are your team and you need them as an entrepreneur to reach the pinnacle.


There are many ways to thank your employees this Christmas season. You as the leader should know the buttons to push, you know your employees better than everyone. You should be able to know the kind of treatment that will mean a lot to them and motivate them into giving more to the business. Through your actions, you make them passionate about making the business succeed. Wishing you a great Christmas!

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