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How to Stop or Deactivate MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag Social Plans

This article is all about how to stop or deactivate MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag social plans when you don’t need it because the social plans is on auto renewal once your subscribe for the first time and many people have ben looking for a way to deactivate the mtn quick facebook and goodybag plans because if you failed to deactivate it your money will be deducted on a daily basis that is why i decided to help you Stop or Deactivate MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag social plans bet before I start let me tell you more about MTN quick Facebook and GoodyBag social bundle plans.

How to Stop or Deactivate MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag Social Plans

MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag social allow MTN subscribers to socialize and communicate with family and friends even when they don’t have internet data plan or a smartphone that can browse.

MTN Quick Facebook is the best option for those who can’t afford to buy data plans or those who don’t have a phone that can browse because with the Mtn quick facebook none of them is required.

What is MTN GoodyBag

MTN GoodyBag is a social package designed to grant you access to all the major social networks websites and apps even when you don’t have internet data plan on your phone.

Social Applications Included in MTN GoodyBag are Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, 2go, Nimbuzz, WeChat and WhatsApp

How To Subscribe to MTN GoddyBag

To subscriber to be able to access any of the social app listed above kindly follow: MTN GoodyBag Social Plan (Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, Nimbuzz Eskimi Whatsapp 2GO)

How to Unsubscribe, Stop or Deactivate MTN Quick Facebook and GoodyBag social plans

Here we go let me show you few simple steps to stop MTN from debiting your airtime account for services you no longer use.

MTN Quick Facebook

To unsubscribe from the Quick Facebook service, dial *510*22#

MTN GoodyBag social plan deactivation
Every social network has its own subscription codes and you will need that code to deactivate the service and stop MTN from Debiting your account.

TO Unsubscribe to any of the social plans kindly follow these instructions below.

Facebook Weekly N25 Text NO FBW to 131

Facebook Monthly N60 Text NO FBM to 131

Twitter Weekly N25 Text NO TWTW to 131

Twitter Monthly N60 Text NO TWTM to 131

Eskimi Weekly N25 Text NO ESKW to 131

Eskimi Monthly N60 Text NO ESKM to 131

2go Weekly N25 Text NO 2GOW to 131

2go Monthly N60 Text NO 2GOM to 131

Nimbuzz Weekly N25 Text NO NIMW to 131

Nimbuzz Monthly N60 Text NO NIMM to 131

WeChat Weekly N25 TEXT NO WCW TO 131

WeChat Monthly N60 TEXT NO WCM TO 131

WhatsApp weekly Bundle. (7days) N25 TEXT NO WAW TO 131

WhatsApp monthly Bundle. (30days) N60 TEXT NO WAM TO 131


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