How to Report Your Bank to The CBN

Every now and then, customers face certain challenges while dealing with commercial banks in Nigeria. In the event that your issue is not well handled or you feel aggrieved by your bank, you can report them to the CBN.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is the regulator and apex bank for all of the commercial banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria. And as such, it reserves the right to call to order any bank that isn’t measuring up to standard.

Recently, the CBN took to Twitter to share a series of tweets tagged #HowToLodgeComplaints. Those tweets inform the public on how to properly report their bank.

How to report a bank to the CBN

When your bank charges you too much

According to the CBN, “if you make a complaint to your bank on Excess Charges, allow 30 days for resolution.”

If your bank doesn’t resolve your issue after those 30 days have elapsed, the CBN urges customers to send an “email to, or call +234 7002255226”.

If your bank doesn’t solve your transfer issues

Some customers face issues with transfers. The first thing you must do when you face card related or transfer issues is to go to your bank to lodge a complaint.

According to the CBN, “allow 72 hours for resolution after which you can contact the CBN by sending an email to, or call +234 7002255226“.

Reporting account management issues

If you have any issues with the way your account is being managed by your bank, first, you must visit that bank to lodge a complaint. However, if your issues is not resolved after 14 days, then you can contact the CBN regarding that.

According to the tweet from the official CBN account, “allow 14 days for resolution, after which you can contact the CBN by sending an email to, or call +234 7002255226“.

Finally, the CBN urges customers to always request for their Consumer Complaint Management System (CCMS) tracking number from their banks whenever they lodge complaints.

That way, it’ll be easier for the CBN to do a follow up on the issue they are facing at that moment.


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