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How To Check My Mtn Number: USSD Code To Check Mtn Number



How To Check My Mtn Number: USSD Code To Check Mtn Number

In this post, we are going to explore the various ways you can get to check and know your MTN phone number with the use of USSD, SMS and more. All you have do is pick any method that works best for you or which is more convenient for you.

So without any further ado, let’s get right into how to find out your phone number on an MTN network provider line.

How To Know Your Phone Number on MTN

There are basically going to be 4 ways to go about this. So let’s start with the USSD method of checking your number down to the least used method, though some would find it helpful also.


Method 1: Dialing a USSD Number to Know Your MTN Number

MTN has made available 2 different USSDs for this purpose and we’d be exploring them both.

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  • Simply Dial *123#
  • Enter 1 and send for Account Information
  • Enter 1 and send to show your number.

Your number would be displayed on the screen and you might receive an SMS with the MTN phone number in it. Summarily, you can simply dial *123*1*# to achieve same. Another shortcode to get your MTN phone number is;

Dial *663#

Any of the above USSD works for the same purpose and you wouldn’t be charged for the service.

Method 2: Calling or Texting a Friend

The first and easiest method most people would resort to is this one. All you need do is recharge your said MTN line with airtime, then use this line in calling or sending an SMS to a friend. Your number definitely would appear on the other person’s mobile phone and you can get your phone number this way.


Method 3: Calling MTN Customer Rep. Lines

This is yet another method to know your MTN phone number. Dial 180, follow the prompt till you are transferred to a call representative. Tell them you need to know your phone number and it will be revealed to you.

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Method 4: Using the Call Me Back Option to Check MTN Phone Number

Yes, most mobile operators offer a call me back feature (of which MTN falls within this category) where you can send your friend an SMS all for free requesting they call you. So you can make use of this feature to request a callback, and your phone number would be displayed on the receivers phone (obviously as the sender of the SMS).

To use MTN Call me back, all you need to dial is *133# and follow the prompts.

And that brings us to the end of this article. You must have found one the methods above to be your favorite to checking your MTN number without a fee. Hope you loved this post and kindly share and drop a comment if you find it useful.

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