How I Started Making Money With My Mobile Phone

About five years ago, I have this indescribable urge that there’s a huge chance to make money with a mobile phone. My weekly MB was spent on research, looking for every possible means to make money, not with a laptop but my mobile phone. I could visibly see people making tons of dollars monthly, either from Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and numerous other gold mines. But I was yet to break the nut..How is it done? What’s the trick?

Every website or blog that I visited was after selling an e-book and I didn’t have such amount then. Their articles and evidences were so convincing to the core.. Year after year, my search continued. I wanted to give up on this ultimate search and engage in an offline physical job. I was tired of trying, no matter how much Information I try to gulp in, I was yet to really grasp the formula of making money online, with a mobile phone.

I took an offline job, a photography business. Hustling throughout the day just to be paid N20,000 monthly wasn’t only discouraging, it was depressing. Many are on their bed, earning millions every month while I’m on the sun earning peanuts. It’s ironic but it taught me a lesson. It taught me that being rich or successful has nothing to do with how hard you work. It’s not luck or grace. It’s smartness. It’s about the information you’re exposed to. The difference between the rich and poor is information.. Now I know!

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Within two months, I had to quit my photography business and continue my unending search online.. Little did I know that my years of search hasn’t been in vain. The information which I have accumulated over the years were beginning to pile up together, they were now making so much sense that I had to scream out.. Yes! I had discovered the formula. The formula of making money doing absolutely nothing.

Every morning, I woke up, see young people like me hustle day and night. Engaging in all manner of degrading jobs just to make ends meet. While i lie on my bed daily, making money by swapping my hands on my mobile screen. My dad actually thought I was getting useless and yet, he couldn’t fathom where or how the money I spend came from. The subscriptions and lots of amazing gadgets in my room was prove that I wasn’t just idle.

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The good thing is, my online streams of income weren’t just a lone route.. Numerous streams of income and frankly, I was feeling like a boss.

This is just a flash article. I’m going to teach you how to start making money with your smartphone irrespective of where you resides. I’m not going to sell an e-book to you like many bloggers do.. It’s all free. Just promise me that the information you will get will be backed with action. Honestly, man doesn’t value that which he gets easily, please be different.

Keep a date with me tomorrow morning. The awesome article will be here on the blog.

Lemme know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Have a nice day.

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