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Guide To Choosing The Right Wireless Headphones



Guide To Choosing The Right Wireless Headphones

Since the release of the iPhone 7 the absence of headphone jacks has become a trend amongst smartphones, we now have a lot of smartphones without headphone jacks. This has facilitated an increase in the production of wireless headphones, obliging people to purchase wireless headphones. In this article on guide to choosing the right wireless headphones, we explore a buyers guy guide for wireless headphones, stating the parameters to look at for when purchasing headphones.

1. Sound Quality

The best of the very best wireless headphones must provide sound that can compete with top-quality wired models. The restrictions of Bluetooth ensures these portable wireless headphones do not sound quite as dope as wireless models that make use of other technologies, but the sound should still be unclouded, clear and fun to use.

2. Range

Even if some wireless headphones will only function near the audio source, several others will let you stray across the room or even into other parts of your home. But, do not go wild with what to expect and do not take range specifications seriously. Barriers like walls and closed doors can reduce the wireless range to a fraction of its supposed distance.

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3. Great Battery Life

In the absence of a  connectivity wire, you are obligated to use the wireless connectivity feature on your wireless headphone. This means you rely on the internal battery of your headphone. Whether you are someone who listens to songs a lot or stream movies, the need for headphones with great battery life is unarguable. When purchasing headphones, you are required to take note of battery life. A standard headphone should have at least 10 hours of battery life.


4. Call Clarity

If your Bluetooth headphones will be used alongside a smartphone for making and receiving calls, it is vital to be able to hear and be heard clearly. Some Bluetooth models deceive customers with their music performance feature as they end up making outgoing calls a living hell.

5. Simple To Use

Read up what those in the reviews section are saying about controls and how they can be used easily.

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6. Convenient And Comfortable

Headphones have to fit aptly enough to not stay compact. But it does not have to be too tight also to avoid the discomfort that comes with that.

The pads have to cushion your ears without overheating. Less heavy headphones can help to curb fatigue and tiredness.


7. Dependability

One major issue people have with wireless headphones is that they do not function consistently enough. Yes, even the heavyweight’s brands experience that once in a while, so warranty and customer service are vital. When that is out of the way, if your headphones shut down prematurely, you can at least have a smooth return.

8. Latency

This is the short delay between an audio signal being sent and when you actually listen to it. You will not notice it when you listen to a song, but if you are viewing a clip or playing game, it can make the sound out of sync with the visuals. aptX HD has done well to decrease latency compared to the older codecs.

9. Remote Controls For Wireless Headphones

Most times, Wired headphones possess a remote on the cable, but this option is nowhere to be found on the Bluetooth headphones. Rather than that, they build some useful controls alongside microphones into one of the earpieces.

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As for controlling AirPods, a double click will launch Siri. After that, make use of commands like “Turn volume up” or “Skip track” to take control of your songs to another level.

10. Form Factor and Size

Wireless headphones come in 3 styles, over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear. The first two resemble and work the same way as their wired counterparts. But as for in-ear, it is unique.

A recent trend in the in-ear format focuses on the legit wireless earbuds. Unlike the earliest models, that had double the bugs linked by a cable that would go around the back of your neck, several newer models now have no wires at all.Apple started this by introducing AirPods. Now, several manufacturers have followed suit. Brands like Sennheiser, Bose, B&O, Samsung, and more.There you have it – a comprehensive article on a guide to choosing the right wireless headphones. You are advised to look out for the parameters listed in this article, to facilitate a good purchase.

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