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How to Get free Glo 5GB and Glo 22x Airtime Bonus



It may seem unrealistic for you or maybe you have not heard about such a plan before, but now you have heard about it that you will be able to enjoy the Glo free data and airtime offer once you activate your Glo line, which is exclusively for Glo users or customers who do not want to be their customer again. Don’t worry you will get to understand what we meant by that statement.

How to Get Glo 5GB Free and Glo 22X Plan Airtime Bonus

You will actually need to be an able customer or join the Glo 22x plan before you can enjoy this offer for Glo users. So all you have to do is leave your Glo sim inactive for 30 days for you to activate this plan or if you have not made use of your Glo sim for up to 30 days then this is the best time to pick up the sim.

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That is what we mean by that statement that entails Glo customers that don’t want to be their customer again.

So once you have activated it by recharging airtime on the 30 days inactive Glo sim then you will be granted with Glo 5GB free and Glo 22x airtime free offer.


This will be given to you on a monthly basis and according to this info, we get the offer does not need any code that you will dial before you can be able to enjoy or be part of the glo 22x plan.

Glo 22X Plan

In Conclusion

To enjoy this Glo 5GB for free and join the glo 22x plan so that you can enjoy the glo 22x airtime offer you will need or your sim must have been inactive for up to 30days.

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That it’s. So people that have left their Glo sim behind for quite a long up to 30days can pick it up now and recharge it with airtime to get their sim activated for the Glo free data and airtime offer.

How Can I Be Eligible for the Glo 22x Bonus

Like we mentioned earlier you can only be eligible for this plan when you have made your glo sim inactive for upto 30days or more.


How Can I Join the Glo 22x Plan

No code is available to get you to be a member of this plan. All what is needed is just for you to be a glo customer that has left his sim unused for 30days and load airtime on the glo sim then the sim will be activated to the glo 22x plan.

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How Many Days is the Glo 22x Bonus Valid for?

The bonus is said to be valid for just 7days, that once it’s 7days and you have not finished using the data or 22x airtime that was rewarded to your sim then the bonus and data will get wiped off.

How Can I Extend the Date of the Bonus Validity

It can’t be extended. Unlike other data plans that once you buy new data before the old once expires it will be rolled over to the recent expiry time.

Did the Glo 22x Plan work for you? Let us know via the comment box below.

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