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FzTvSeries is one of the best websites for movie lovers like you and me who can go back to back watching our favorite Thriller, Historical, Horror, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance-Comedy or Adventure TV series. Or there certain actors and actresses that just give you the adrenaline rush. This website ( is a home for all kinds of sitcoms, soaps (Soap Opera), cartoons, documentaries or drama, in whatever genre you might find interest, so yes, FzTvSeries is your “go-to”. Let’s get to review this website and understand how to go about maximizing it’s usage. Free HollyWood/BollyWood MP4 Movies and Series Download

The most amazing thing about this is that you get to download all for free in mp4 and 3gp formats as well as High Definition (HD) Resolutions just so you can get the best of what you are downloading and are about to watch.

Navigating Through Website

On opening the website (, the first thing that draws your attention is the fact that this website was designed for a mobile phone (smartphone) interface or user. It is simple and does not take a long time to load. Aside from the pop-up Adverts from time to time, I can guarantee that you will fall in love with this site in little or no time after launch on your browser.  While some may like the simplicity of the website structure others may complain over the bareness and lack of color and structure the website may exhibit but then again that is a matter of preference.

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Searching For a TV SERIES/SHOW Choice on

Once you find yourself on the website, you are exposed to the website logo at the Head of the website and right underneath that, you will take note of the search bar just in any case you know exactly what kind of movie you want to see or have in mind. Immediately you start typing a movie title, there is a drop-down list of all the possible movies relating to your search so that it is easier for you to have an idea of your search if in any case you really have no idea of what you are searching for. That is amazing, right? This in itself shows that FzTvSeries has obviously catered to the need of their audience in a way movie and TV series download sites out there fall short. This goes to show how FzTvSeries brings simplicity and accessibility to the convenience of their users.

Advertisement Free HollyWood/BollyWood MP4 Movies and Series Download

Having said all of these, we can now move to throw more light on the rest of the website structure.  After the search bar, FzTvSeries provides a link for the audience to be able to visit their other website (FzMovies website) to download your choice movie followed by another link to their social media platform (Facebook) for you to go show your appreciation to them. Aside the Facebook community there is also a Telegram link for followers to be updated on the events of the website.

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Going further below, you will find a section called TV Section, this section basically highlights some TV Series in a carefully put together list. This section is discussed extensively below.

Understanding the TV Section

Just as mentioned earlier, the TV Section is basically a list of TV Series. In order to make your search easier FzTvSeries have taken the time out to help organize all the TV Series from

A to C – D to F – G to I – J to L – M to O – P to R – S to U – V to Z – 1 to 9.


Below the categorized search in alphabets and numbers, there is another list of which from our very own point of view, we have come to the conclusion that this list is put together as a result of

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  • Most searched TV Series
  • Highest ranking TV Series
  • Most influential and popular TV Series

Another thing you should be aware of this particular list is that it is not arranged in alphabetical order. So don’t go expecting to search for your favourite TV Series in alphabetical order in this section, you will be highly disappointed.

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We would suggest that you know the name or a word in the phrase of the TV Series you have in mind to enable you utilize fully the search bar to your advantage in saving you time.

How to Download from

I’m pretty sure you might have been wondering when we would get to this juicy part of the post. Well, your wish has been granted, we’re here! Kindly follow the steps below and you will enjoy that Movie or TV Series you have been yearning to see in a very long time. In fact, it is really simple to download movies and tv series on fztvseries.

  1. Find the TV series you wish to download simply by making use of any of the methods that have been made mention above. (By entering the name of the movie or TV series into the search bar or selecting a movie from any of the FzTvSeries categories using the sorts available).
  2. Click on the movie’s title to load the page.
  3. You will find the individual Season(s) of the TV Series
  4. Go ahead to click on the particular season you want to load the page for the individual movie Episode.
  5. When that is done, go on to click on the Episode you want. An instance of what it may look like is Marlon-SO1EO1-Pilot.avi Where Marlon is the name of the Series, “SO1” is the season number, “EO1” is the episode number and “Pilot” is the name of the episode.
  6. Clicking on the particular one you find interest in automatically sends you to another page with one or two alternate links in avi, 3gp or High mp4 (HD quality) to initiate the download process.
  7. Easily click on the link and have it downloaded
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Formats and Quality Available on

There are basically three (3) predominant formats on this website; AVI, 3GP or High MP4 (HD quality). FzTvSeries has made it her duty to provide her users with high-quality videos for those clear and astonishing entertainment moments.

  • 3GP is of poor quality and mostly for pretty old mobile phones but as compared to AVI video extensions, it is advised to stick to the AVI video format when downloading. This is because this format is most suitable for Mobile phone view and can produce better viewing quality when converted.
  • MP4 on this video site has both the low quality and HD (High Definition). HD most likely would be at 720p resolution which produces better viewing quality. We recommend downloading the HD resolution for the best quality here. But you should note that this quality would come with the highest data consumption rate. You should expect that for the best quality of movie quality on mobi.

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Other Things You Might Notice while on

  • The date of which each item in the website was updated
  • Numerous Ads
  • Redirection to other pages that do not concern the intended download

This is just about it for all you movie and TV Series lovers, I really do hope this post was beneficial to you and helped with clearing your curiosity and solving all challenges you might have encountered using the FzTvSeries website. Kindly leave a comment if you are experiencing any more challenges with regards to this post and don’t forget to like and share with others.

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