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Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download



Your most anticipated movie of all time is finally out, and it doesn’t stop at that, it casts some of your favorite actors of all time. Now you begin to wonder how to can go about downloading this movie all for free and that’s where Fzmovies comes to play.

Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download

Fzmovies over the years has proven to be a great source of both Hollywood and Bollywood tv series/show, movies, youtube and a whole lot more. The most amazing thing about this movie download website is the fact that you can even download in several formats that can be easily played back by mobile devices.

The formats for movies and tv shows that can be downloaded from the fzmovies website (here is their website) include mp4 and 3Gp, and guess what, the Bollywood and Hollywood movies found here have resolutions of rated at “High Definition” 720p, so there’s way you’d say you ain’t getting quality content from this movies website and it’s all for free.

Navigating Through The Fzmovies Website

On visiting the website at , you clearly would notice that this website is actually designed with a smartphone or mobile phone user at heart.

Even though it might not look as pleasant as most websites you have come across on your desktop computers, it surely does have a straight-forward and sleek design while on mobile.


How to Search For a Movie or Tv Series/Show on Fzmovies

On loading the homepage, you are greeted with the logo at the top and directly below it you get to see a search bar where you can easily make a search.

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Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download

You have a couple of options while making this search as you are not limited to searching by just the movie title. Here, you can make a search by:

  • Search by Movie Name
  • Search by Director Name
  • Search by Cast

This is obviously unlike most movie download sites out there. Fzmovies actually placed the need of her users first and therefore made provision for easy access to movies by any of the search preferences as stated above.

Though you can easily make a search for your choice movie, you are not limited to that. You can also browse through the categories to see all other movies and tv series that have been also uploaded on the website.

Understanding the Movie Categories and Sections

Scrolling a little down you’d easily see that there are two sections for the movies on this site. While the first section is titled “Bollywood Movies”, the second is titled “Hollywood movies”. Now, let’s explain the links you see under each of these sections.

Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download

Under the Bollywood movies section of fzmovies, you have sub-categories sections as:

  • Filmfare Awarded Movies
  • Latest Updated Movies
  • By Release date
  • By Alpha and
  • By most downloaded

These sub-categories should be self-explanatory. You might want to note that in the release date sub-category, you see all uploaded movies in chronological order as regards to date, from the most recent date down to the oldest.

Other categories should be self-explanatory here. Follow whichever sort title that suits your need.


Talking about the Hollywood movies section, we have the various sub-categories as follows in fzmovies.

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  • IMDB Top 250 movies
  • Latest Updated Movies
  • By Release date
  • By Alpha and
  • By most downloaded

We have IMDB here instead of the Filmfare awarded movies. Other categories here follow the same pattern as explained for the Bollywood section.

How to Download From Fzmovies

I guess this is what you must have been waiting for all this while. Do you want to know how to download a Bollywood TV series or a movie from the fzmovies website? It is quite simple. Follow the Step by step guide to easily have it down.

  1. Locate the movie or tv series you wish to download simply by using any of the methods we outlined above (via search or selecting a movie from any of the fzmovies categories using the sorts available).
  2. Click on the movie’s title to load the page as shown below.
  3. Now scroll down to the “Download File” section. You are then given options to choose from. Pick any of the following: 3gp, mp4 or High mp4 (HD quality) to initiate the download process.
Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download
  1. Easily click on download and have it downloaded

What Video Extensions/Formats and Quality are Available on FzMovies.Net

As rightly seen, there are basically two predominant formats on this website, the 3gp and mp4. 3gp obviously would be a very poor quality and mostly for old mobile phones.

MP4 on this video site has both the low quality and HD. HD most likely would be at 720p resolution and that would look decent and it’s a High Definition resolution.

We recommend downloading the HD resolution for the best quality here. But you should note that this quality would come with the highest data consumption rate. You should expect that for the best quality of movie quality on


How To Request a Movie on

Have you searched the archives on fzmovies and yet couldn’t find the movie or tv series you wish to watch? Don’t worry as there is provision made for you to request a movie and there would have it added to their list in no time. All you need do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click on request movie.

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Fzmovies.Net: Free HD MP4 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies Download

Fill in the form with the information requested and there you have it sent as a request.

How To Download the Subtitles of A Movie

To download the subtitle of a movie here, simply follow the same process as downloading the movie, but this time, scroll past the formats available.

Directly under the available video formats available for download is the SUBTITLE link. You can make use of it to download the subtitle of the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Fzmovies

Que: Can I stream a video from fzmovies on PC?
Ans: You sure can and here’s what they have to say about that. “3gp is best suited for basic mobile phones. It will ideally play on all mobiles and has the lowest size. We convert them using the mpeg4 codec with a bitrate of approx 180k. The audio is of 32k, optimum for mobile phones.”


Que: Can I stream a video from fzmovies on a Smartphone??
Ans: Definitely. The player of choice by the team is MxPlayer android app.

Que: What Mobile Operating Systems are supported.
Ans: There is support for basically all major or known mobile OSs, starting from Blackberry, iOS, Windows phone and Android.

Hope you did find the review of quite informative? Do let us know other websites you’d love to have us review down here.

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