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How To Easily Upload Files On Telegram Via Url



How To Easily Upload Files On Telegram Via Url

Hello guys, today we will be talking about how to easily upload files on Telegram via Url. Have you ever wondered how some telegram channels and groups owners manage to upload huge files without worrying about the data cost? Well today we will explain to you how you can upload files on telegram easily through url. One of the major advantages of this method is that it is faster and will cost lesser amount of data to upload your files.

Since the uploading of files via url is not one of the features of telegram, we make use of URL Uploader Bot to upload files via url on telegram. URL Uploader is a very useful telegram bot if you need to upload files with the size up to 500MB from other websites to your telegram account.

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This bot helps you to quickly upload remote files to Telegram using URL. The URL Uploader Bot currently supports all direct file urls, Instagram urls, Mediafire and Google drive urls.

How to Make Use of the URL Uploader Bot

Open the link @Uploadbot and click on Start, then you will be required to send the file url you want to upload to the bot. The bot will process the link to determine the file size and the name of the file, after which the download and upload will start automatically.


Sometimes the default filename may be wrong, to overwrite auto filename, simply pass the new filename along with the url separating them with a pipe.

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 For example: | google.gif

Here, the new filename is google.gif, so after uploading the file, it will have the new file name you assigned to it.

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Note: The maximum file size allowed is 500MB. The daily upload limit is 1GB, but you can upgrade the limit on the bot by sending the command /upgrade to the bot.

That’s all about how to upload files to telegram through url, feel free to drop your comments below.

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