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China seeks to launch 6G network by 2030: White Paper



An industry body backed by the Chinese government has just issued a white paper on 6G. In this, the applications of the next generation of mobile networking and its potential key technologies were highlighted.

China seeks to launch 6G network by 2030: White Paper

The white paper also added that 6G networking could even offer speeds up to 10 times faster than the peak speeds of 5G mobile networks. As per a GlobalTimes report, the paper mapped out a clear guide for the entire industry and even offered a head start on the research and development plan for 6G. One of the most notable aspects highlighted by the white paper was China’s goals to commercially launch the technology by the year 2030.

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In other words, this would also mark another tech race between China and the US. Although, while the US might seek to catch up to China in the telecommunication industry for the next generation, the latter would likely lead again in the 6G era owing to its leadership in current-gen 5G. This would also give China more potential to reshape the global technological and economic impacts of the next generation of telecommunications.

China seeks to launch 6G network by 2030: White Paper

The white paper added that the 6G services will have three major new development trends as well. This includes immersive, intelligent, and universal along with eight business application scenarios like immersive cloud XR, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, intelligent interactive communication, digital twins, and global coverage. A China Mobile research staff also told GlobalTimes that the telecom operator has been testing terahertz waves and visible light as potential spectrum selections.

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