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AutoX shares a video of its autonomous RoboTaxi in action in Shenzhen, China



In December last year, Alibaba-backed RoboTaxi company AutoX announced the commencement of test-run exercises for its driverless taxis in China. Just a few days ago, the company also disclosed that it will be running a pilot commercial program for the electric vehicle in Shenzhen, China.

AutoX shares a video of its autonomous RoboTaxi in action in Shenzhen, China

We’ve now gotten our first glimpse of the Robotaxis in action. AutoX has released a new video in English demonstrating how the company’s autonomous robotaxi service works. Shenzhen is the 5th largest city in China and China’s tech hub. Thus, it is just apt that the first test run is carried out here. The video is impressive, showing the AutoX Chrysler Pacifica navigating left turns, going around parked vehicles, overtaking on two-lane roads, and stopping for pedestrians and cyclists. This qualifies the vehicle as Level 4 autonomous. All of this with no driver in the front seat.

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The vehicles of AutoX are equipped with the startup’s proprietary vehicle control unit called XCU, which the company claims have faster processing speed and more computational capability to handle complex road scenarios. The video shows the car doesn’t exceed the speed limit of 40km/h. Those riding in the RoboTaxi are also able to speak to a customer support agent to ask any question that they wish to enquire about. The customer care agents will also be able to check the status of the vehicle in real-time to provide any necessary assistance


Since this is a pilot program, interested persons can sign up through the AutoX RoboTaxi registration page to join. Once selected, the pilot users can use the AutoX membership credits as well for the RoboTaxi rides.

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