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Arduino Build your own Robot ARM with Voice Recognition



Learn Arduino by building a 3d print Robot Arm with Voice Recognition, Accelerometer, Sounds, and more electronics…


In this course, you will learn how to build your own Fully functional 3D printed Arm with Arduino and also with Arduino electronic components!

I will show and explain to you in the Videos how to connect everything together so, in the end, you will have your own product, your own working Bionic Arm!

we will use Arduino nano for this course.


This includes everything that is shown in the video, such as:

  1. Voice recognition
  2. Sounds
  3. Led lights with sounds
  4. Small minigun for shooting rubber band with voice commands
  5. Servo motors
  6. LEDs
  7. Hand movements control lasers.
  8. Accelerometer for the hand movements (I will also show how to use the MPU6050 – which has also Gyro and Temperature sensor)
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I will teach you how to print the parts so they will fit all together. I will give you the sources of the arm 3d printer files (.stl files that are supported for all of the 3d printers).

I will give you my schematic and explain to you and show you within the videos how to connect the components to the Arduino, and every step I am making will be filmed!

I will provide you my source code for the Arduino!

I am showing you everything and giving you the sources you need for making your own arm!


As for the parts of the Bionic arm, I am making one lecture that explains where and what to buy so you will have all of the links for the components you need to buy for building the Bionic Arm.

so all you need to do is: join this journey today!

With the knowledge you will get here, you can also build your own smart home with the Arduino and the voice recognition and the soundboard unit, and many other projects.

What you’ll learn

  • Programming Arduino.
  • Programming the Arduino to work with each of the electronic components
  • Connecting all of the Peripherals components that are in the bionic arm to an Arduino, such as LEDs, Lasers, Accelerometer unit, Voice recognition, Sound card, and Servo motors.
  • How to Program the Voice Recognition Unit with your own voice and connect it to the Arduino + programming Arduino to communicate with the Voice recognition Unit.
  • Connecting all of the parts, I will give you my schematic – very easy to read, with photos, and I will explain it with Videos for every step.
  • Building Bionic ARM, Fully functional with Voice Recognition, Sounds, rubber band minigun, and much more!
  • How to 3D print the parts of the bionic arm
  • How to upload the sounds to the Sound Card
  • Where to buy all of the electronic parts needed!


  • NO NEED for 3d printer in order to learn about the Arduino and the Arduino components such as voice recognition and the soundboard
  • Arduino nano Board with all of the bionic arm electronic components(I added a video with the list of the parts u will need+links for buying them!)
  • The 3D printer needed for students who want to build the full-arm(I am using an old and cheap 3d printer, added some better 3d printer links in the description…)
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