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Apple Watch Series 7 tipped to feature blood glucose and body temperature sensors



Apple has continued to provide innovation in its Apple Watch series, including the soon-to-be-released model this year. However, subsequent versions of Apple watches could have additional features like blood glucose and body temperature sensors to provide improved health surveillance data for its users. Bloomberg reports that the 2021 Apple Watch model could come with an improved screen setup and thinner display bezels. In addition, there would be an improved ultra-wideband support and less distance between the display and front cover because of the use of an improved lamination technique.

Apple Watch Series 7 tipped to feature blood glucose and body temperature sensors

Smart wearables are increasingly becoming health and fitness gadgets, providing data on diverse aspects of our body mechanism and reactions 24 hours a day. Last year, several studies were carried out in the United States and elsewhere, which showed that Apple Watches could identify potential Covid-19 patients several days before symptoms began to manifest. This was accomplished by collecting and real-time analysis of diverse data on body functions that identified some departure from the normal processes. The blood glucose sensor will help to monitor blood sugar levels for diabetic patients in a more effective and less intrusive manner. The temperature sensor is believed to be several years away and could gain the attention of thousands of users in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Apple could also be gearing up for the release of sports-centric models for extreme sports enthusiasts from 2022. There is even talk that a durable sports model that could be called the Explorer, could debut in 2022.

As expected, Apple has neither refuted nor confirmed the rumors surrounding its incoming lineup of Apple Watches. This further feeds into the speculations, although further information will become available from different sources as we move forward.

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