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Apple iPhone 13 series CAD leaks showcases a larger camera module size



CAD leaks and other information from the iPhone 13 series shared in a recent video have revealed that Apple might be making the 2021 iPhone’s camera module larger than the previous generation.

As per a video from EverythingApplePro (via MacRumors), the Cupertino-based giant is making the camera module of the upcoming iPhone larger, which is likely due to larger sensors and sensor-shift stabilization. Looking at the video shared in the video, the iPhone 13 mini, Pro, and Pro Max camera module will all arrive with a “perfect square.” The iPhone 13 Pro Max will reportedly arrive with a camera system that protrudes 0.87mm more than the current iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Furthermore, the thickness of the overall body thickness has also risen by 0.25mm, as per the supposed CADs. The camera module of the iPhone 12 Pro will be 3.38 taller and 4.77 wider. Talking about the iPhone 13 mini, the CAD has shown a diagonal camera setup that will protrude 0.99mm more than the iPhone 12 mini, and it will be 3.06mm longer in width, and 0.14mm shorter in height. The overall iPhone 13 mini body is apparently thicker by 0.26mm as well.

Apple iPhone 13 series CAD leaks showcases a larger camera module size

Lastly, the video also depicts the iPhone 13 Pro, with the camera module being 3.41mm taller and 4.81mm wider than the current iPhone 12 Pro model. The noticeably larger camera will include a larger LiDAR sensor, along with better accuracy for corners, edges, and AR. Apart from just the increase in size, the camera system will also protrude 3.65mm, compared to the 2.79mm on the iPhone 12 Pro. Unfortunately, this is still just a leak, so take it with a pinch of salt for now and stay tuned for more updates.

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