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Apple working on an AR Headset, but faces hurdles in its development: Report



A new report has suggested that Apple is working on a new headset, which will also be the forerunner to the company’s eventual AR Glasses. Sources close to the matter have stated that the company is already working on this AR headset.

According to a Bloomberg report, the new headset will be an expensive and “niche” predecessor to the company’s more ambitious augmented reality products that will arrive in the future. While the Cupertino based giant has been rumored to be working on such a headset, the sources have claimed that the company is facing several hurdles in its development at the moment. This headset would also be the first new major product line since the Apple Watch.

Apple working on an AR Headset, but faces hurdles in its development: Report

Xiaomi VR Headset

As per the report, Apple is currently facing difficulties in development and only expects modest sales of its new product. The device will lean more towards virtual reality, for the purpose of gaming, watching videos, and even communication. So, we can expect it to only have limited augmented reality capabilities. For those unaware, VR is basically displaying 3D digitally rendered environments, while AR overlays images and information over a view of the real world.

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Unfortunately, the report also mentions that this Apple product might be more expensive than most of the current market competitors. While a headset from is rival can cost between 300 to 900 US Dollars, the sources have claimed that the Apple product will be far more expensive and that the company only expects to sell one headset per day per retail store as its price could reach up to the 5,999 US Dollars Mac Pro desktop computer.

Apple working on an AR Headset, but faces hurdles in its development: Report

The headset is codenamed N301 and is currently in the late prototype stage in development. So, Apple has no finalized plans for a possible launch. Furthermore, the AR Glasses from the company is codenamed N421 and is in the early stage known as “architecture” at the moment. This implies that the company is working on ironing out the technology that will be used in the product. Thus, it is still too early to provide any concrete statements. So stay tuned for more updates.

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