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AMD reportedly looking to outsource its GPU & APU production to Samsung



Samsung Semiconductor Inc is the subsidiary of Samsung Electronics responsible for the manufacture of semiconductor solutions. The brand may not be the biggest player in the field as there is TSMC but the Korean tech giant is investing heavily in its foundry business in a bid to win more clients. Samsung is in competition with TSMC, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of chipsets. TSMC’s inability to meet demand has enabled Samsung to corner some of the orders originally intended for TSMC.

AMD reportedly looking to outsource its GPU & APU production to Samsung

Companies are now exceedingly looking toward Samsung for their production needs and AMD reportedly finds itself in a similar position. As indicated by another report, the organization is hoping to re-appropriate its GPU and APU creation to Samsung. TSMC as of now handles the total of AMD’s orders.

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TSMC’s assembling hubs stay popular. Apple remains its greatest client and it supposedly made sure about TSMC’s full 5nm limit the previous summer. TSMC’s 3nm hub is additionally expected to be utilized essentially for Apple. AMD is dependent on TSMC for the assembling of its Ryzen CPU/APU arrangement and Radeon GPUs just as its chips for gaming consoles and server farms. It needs to make sure about extra creation limit to not face interruption in the provisions of its items that are in demand. Word on the street in South Korea is that AMD is considering re-appropriating a lump of its CPU and APU creation to Samsung.

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AMD reportedly looking to outsource its GPU & APU production to Samsung

On the off chance that that is undoubtedly the situation, AMD could be the primary organization to use Samsung’s 3nm node. There’s no official confirmation of this as of now. However, it’s altogether inside the domain of plausibility. It is an obvious fact that TSMC can’t keep up with orders. Along these lines, Samsung is in an incredible situation to win clients who can’t make sure about the limit at TSMC. Samsung and AMD likewise have a current relationship. The two are dealing with a custom portable GPU that will be used for impending Samsung Exynos processors.




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