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Amazon’s already testing the Rivian electric delivery vans in Los Angeles



Amazon has begun testing its electric vehicles which are the product of its partnership with Rivian Automotive for delivery services in Los Angeles. Both companies released a joint statement on the event. Amazon had announced in 2019 that it will buy a hundred thousand Rivian vans in pursuit of its plans to accomplish zero carbon emissions within two decades.

Amazon’s already testing the Rivian electric delivery vans in Los Angeles

The EV company Rivian has been able to mass up close to $8 billion from its investors since 2019 via its $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund.  Amazon has now begun testing some of the Rivian electric delivery vans on routes in Los Angeles. In October 2020,  Amazon had begun a test run of delivery vans and says the LA pilot program is expected to also roll out in16 other cities this year.

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Ross Rachey, director of Amazon’s global fleet and products, in a statement, said that the company is proud of efforts at reducing its carbon footprint through the electrification of its logistics architecture. It has led to the installation of thousands of electric vehicle chargers and the realignment of the layout of delivery facilities in parts of North America and Europe.

Amazon’s already testing the Rivian electric delivery vans in Los Angeles

Rivian produced the Amazon test delivery fleet at its headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. Each van can drive up to 150 miles on a single charge and are still in a test phase, but production is slated for Q4 of 2021.


Rivian on its own part is set to bring an all-electric pickup vehicle to the logistics market this year.

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Rivian already has its gaze fixed at the top of the crowd in the EV manufacturing market. It hopes to be a serious challenger to Tesla. Light-duty trucks including delivery vans have been projected to be in demand in the U.S. in the after of the new policy direction of the Biden administration to embrace clean energy and replace the federal government’s fleet of internal combustion engine vehicles with EVs.

The huge demand outlay expected in the coming years has led many companies to ramp up their investment in EV technology.


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