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2021 Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course



Master pivot tables, formulas, macros, VBA, data analysis, and learn how to land your first job as an Excel expert!

Table of Contents


Welcome to the Learn Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course

In this practical, hands-on course, our main objective is to educate you not just to understand the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel but also to learn exactly how to master pivot tables, formulas, macros, VBA, data analysis, and how to land your first job as an Excel expert!

This course will fully prepare you for virtually any Excel-related career path, including those that require advanced skills with this software. Once you complete the course, you’ll have access to Excel’s full functionality and know-how to use all formulas, functions, and capabilities.


You’ll also learn about calculating depreciation, calculating interest, and even calculating EMI for loans, all by using Excel functions. The course also features information on INDEX and MATCH functions and the CHOOSE formula, and how to create special charts.

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Whether you are brand new to the world of Excel or have training and knowledge of the software, and are looking to improve your skills, this masterclass will take you to the next level. By the time you finish the beginner, intermediate and advanced portions, you too will be an expert in Excel.

We understand that theory is important to build a solid foundation. We understand that theory alone isn’t going to get the job done, so that’s why this course is packed with practical hands-on examples that you can follow step by step. Even if you already have some experience or want to learn about the advanced features of Excel, this course is for you!

Together we’re going to give you the foundational education that you need to know not just on how to use Excel at an expert level but also how to get paid for your newly developed skills.


The course covers 4 main areas:

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This intro section gives you a full introduction to Microsoft Excel, the data analyst industry and marketplace, job opportunities and salaries, and the various Excel-related job roles.

  • Intro to Microsoft Excel
  • Excel Industry and Marketplace
  • Excel Job Opportunities
  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Excel Functions


This section gives you a full introduction to the Intermediate Excel functions with hands-on, step-by-step training.

  • Data Visualization
  • Datasets
  • Databases
  • Data Validation
  • PivotTables
  • Conditional Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Formulas, + more!


This section gives you a full introduction to the Excel Macros and VBA with hands-on, step-by-step training.

  • VBA Language
  • VBA Code
  • VBA Loops
  • Macros
  • User Forms


This section gives you a full introduction to starting a career as an Excel Programmer with hands-on, step-by-step training.

  • Creating a Resume
  • Freelancing + Freelance websites
  • How To Get Your 1st Client
  • Personal Branding
  • Importance of Having a Website
  • Networking
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By the end of the course, you’ll be a professional Excel programmer and confidently apply for jobs and feel good knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to back it up.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn and master Microsoft excel

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to master Excel from A-Z
  • How to become a professional Data Analyst
  • How to be a better, faster, stronger Excel user
  • How to land your first job as an Excel Expert
  • How to save hours and boost your productivity in Excel
  • How to find a value with VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH
  • How to use math, statistical, logic, and text functions
  • How to use VBA and Macros
  • How to use VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP in formulas
  • How to create basic and advanced formulas
  • Mastering Pivot Tables
  • Creating Charts from your data

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  • Basic computer skills
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